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Mazda 3 (2007)

Mazda 3 (2007) 1

Without keyword

Sometimes, after some kind of confused repair, I think: “How reliable are automotive vehicles?” And I always remember cars that had to be repaired many years ago – they were considered unkillable!
But is everything in the world relative? Now we say this: “There used to be cars. “- and compare them with modern ones, which are considered” almost one-day. ” More precisely – for the warranty period and a little more. Then everything. Then the slow dying begins …

And the words that were said many years ago by one of the automobile diagnosticians, they are still relevant (and always, probably, will be relevant):
“Any mechanism, including the engine, leaves the factory floor with a mass of small internal defects. This misalignment, imbalances, surface roughness and much more. To one degree or another, these defects have always been, are and will be satellites of any production. Most often they cancel each other out and are smoothed out with grease. In this mode, all the mechanisms in the world work. But for various reasons, some defects begin to progress. The development of the defect occurs gradually and does not appear externally ”, –

This is mainly on the mechanics of the car said. But in other areas – the same thing? As an example, I can cite the recent repair of Mazda, 2007 release, the client said: “The problem with the air conditioning system”.
What happened? It turned out: “- You can’t adjust the speed of the heating fan, the handle spins idle, the speed does not change … you turn in a circle – nothing changes.” To the question: “- How did it happen?”, The answer is simple: “- It happened at once. Worked and once – stopped working “.

To get to the block had to disassemble the front panel. If everything is done calmly and methodically, then the work is not annoying, there is a malfunction ahead that needs to be defeated and go to another car – the line of cars for repairs makes it work quickly, but accurately (as taught!) …

Here is the control panel itself:

Mazda 3 (2007) 2

Disassembly is complete. I saw that one of the contacts on the handle was broken off, in fact did not hold on: the rivets are plastic, I see … they have a simple principle of operation: the lamellas on the left and right connect the contacts on the board. But the lamella did not last long – they broke off and died! Plastic rivets – a reliable thing or not? Or is there a reason for the technology? Why did they fail so quickly? It’s not clear … what reliability can be talked about, but this is still a trifle.

Mazda 3 (2007) 3

Contacts recorded. I cleaned it, pasted it all to Poxipol (POXIPOL), it turned out to be a fairly rigid connection. The client is satisfied, everything works: “Thank you!”.

But two weeks later the same car returned again. He was surprised: “- What happened?” I was sure that I did the work qualitatively, and therefore I was surprised. It turned out that the same story happened with lamellas, but only in another place – with a temperature knob. The design is the same there – I fixed the error in the way described above (it’s easier to do this than buying the whole unit in collection for irresponsible money).

… you know, but I don’t have a car. Question: how do I get around? And on the bike! Reliable horse, there’s nothing to break down there, but a pump, if anything, to pump up a wheel is a trifling matter. Why not buy a car? No, there is money, everything is there, but there is no desire yet.

Not! Perhaps you should stop reading articles on the Legion-Avtodata portal! You read – it becomes gloomy in the soul. People write a lot, write correctly, but from such correctness I do not look at car dealerships yet:

“… several reasons why I wouldn’t personally buy a car if:
1. If it is a diesel engine with a CR system (and this is almost the entire modern market) or a high pressure fuel pump series VP44. The reason is the poor quality of the fuel and the very high cost of repairs (often more than 100,000 rubles.)
2. If it is a V-shaped gasoline engine (the cost of maintenance is about 2 times higher than the average car)
3. If automatic transmission type CVT (CVT). (for our conditions and roads this is not a good choice)
4. If the brand of the car says that it will be necessary to look for spare parts for this model for more than one day, or maybe a month.
5. If the car is too old (more than 10 years from the date of issue)
6. If this car is with a hybrid powerplant, such as PRIUS and there is no service center specializing in these cars near you.
7. If the car is equipped with a rotary engine, such as MAZDA.
8. If the car has too much electronics (which sooner or later will cause a lot of problems)
9. If the car has an engine too weak for its mass.
10. If a car has an e4WD system (NISSAN, MAZDA) ”.

Of course, the latter said with a certain degree of humor, but as you know, in every humor there is a piece of truth! But this is not a minor ending to the article. The ending is:
Smart and practical people say: “a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation.” Hence the final conclusion. Which one? Yes you already made it!


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