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Mazda 5 car

Mazda 5 car 1

Compact Van Mazda 5

Mazda 5 car 2

The compact van Mazda 5 was developed based on the Ford C-Max model. Unlike its prototype, the car interior can provide seven full places for passengers and the driver. But, in the basic configuration, the automaker offers a five-seater saloon. Compact van has a modern appearance of the body, is equipped with a large number of useful options, and the advantages of the car do not end there.

Features of the interior, interior

The car body design is executed according to the concept of “diverging waves”. Due to this, the Mazda 5 is given a dynamic appearance, it seems that the body lines from the front wheel arch flow through the entire body of the car. The rear struts have a strong tilt, there is a sports kit on the body.

The interior of the car in question is equipped with a unique Karakuri transformation system. Thanks to the work of this system, the location of the seats in the car can be changed in just a couple of seconds. For example, the central seat of the second row can be turned into a comfortable camping table with cup holders, or organize full-fledged berths inside the car. The interior of the car is distributed 45 boxes, compartments, niches, where you can put oversized items, bags, bottles of drinks. The most capacious box is located under the middle seat of the second row. If you decide to buy a seven-seater version of the compact van, then to improve seating on the third row of seats, the second-row chair can be shifted in the longitudinal direction, after which a wide passage is formed.

Powertrain specifications, options

Mazda 5 is equipped with gasoline power units of the MZR series. In the base, the compact van is equipped with a 115-horsepower engine, in the more expensive version, a 145-horsepower engine is installed. The power units operate with a mechanical transmission. In addition, the car can be equipped with diesel engines of 110 and 143 liters. from.

In the basic configuration, a navigation system provided with a touch screen is installed in the interior of the car. The navigator, in addition to direct functions, can be used as an entertainment system that can play DVD discs, integrate with external media. The driver’s instrument panel is trimmed with silver plastic, illuminated with white light. Front and side airbags and curtains on the windows are responsible for the safety of passengers and the driver. In more expensive trim levels, sliding doors are provided with an electric drive. The Karakuri transformation system can also be equipped with an electric drive.


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