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Mazda 6 car more technology

Mazda 6 car more technology 1

Mazda 6 – more natural materials, more technology

Mazda 6 car more technology 2

The modified Mazda 6 2015 came out even more dynamic and aggressive – almost five meters of charm in the Kodo style. The sedan received an updated, slightly transformed false radiator grille, a headlamp trim, and head optics, which turned into a finally LED.

With such lighting, even in the dark, nothing will go unnoticed.

The radiator grille, decorated with chrome stripes, special lighting, in addition, which improves the aesthetic moment. When you look at the updated Mazda 6 release, I recall the Fast and the Furious or Street Racers.

The main advantages of LED optics are shown in motion. Prior to this, headlights with xenon could only be transferred from high beams to low beams, but now they are controlled by the intelligent ALH system, which turns off only those LEDs that can blind drivers, the curb remains illuminated at the same time. Incredibly convenient, mainly in places where passers-by absolutely do not know about the presence of flickers. I will add that the optics are adaptive, i.e. changes the direction in which the light beam shines, taking into account the rotation of the steering wheel.

There were no significant changes on the side, only the antenna fin appeared on the roof, and in the area of ​​the wheels you can notice 19-inch wheels, which are also tinted. 17th spare tire lies in the boot.

The main differences of the new “six” are hidden inside. The design looks much more representative compared to its predecessor – leather inserts appeared and outdated watches in the style of electronics disappeared, forcing the past generation to yearn for the Soviet Union. Instead of a built-in display, a convenient 7-inch appeared, rising nobly above the grills of the air deflector.

Yes, previous trim options are a thing of the past.

The screen is incredibly responsive, comfortable, does not reflect glare, does not “fade” when there is a lot of sun.

In today’s Mazda vehicles, an excellent monitoring system for areas that the driver does not see. The updated release of the Six is ​​no exception. It is unobtrusive, but it makes it clear about the presence of other cars in adjacent lanes, and when the turn signal is turned on, it alerts the driver about interference with a short sound signal.

For safety in the new Mazda 6 you can not worry. The developers did everything so that the consumer did not get into trouble, like an accident.


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