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Mazda 6 restyling

Mazda 6 restyling 1

Restyling Mazda 6: what’s new?

Mazda 6 restyling 2

Beauty, sporty style and nothing more – these qualities are enough to make the Mazda 6 recognized as the most sought-after model in its class for three years now. For half a year, the car has almost doubled its nearest competitor in sales. Recent restyling has not actually brought decisive changes for the Mazda 6 externally, but significant transformations have occurred in the cabin.

New headlights – LEDs, a sofa with a heating function, the appearance of the front panel is also changed, the main highlight for the driver is the sports transmission mode. However, after all the changes, you can still select a car visually. Much larger and more expensive in appearance than other sedans a class higher, in addition, there are options ranging from affordable ones with a manual transmission, budget trim and a minimal amount of electronics, and ending with top offers: leather upholstery and wheels 19 inches.

A significant moment is still the cost, which also has not changed over the year. Mazda 6 is characterized by engines of 2, 5 and 2.0 liters, as well as a 6-speed gearbox with an “automatic” or “mechanics”. By the way, analyzing sales, most buyers give preference to the machine.

The equipment from Drive is quite peculiar, on the one hand, instead of the fashionable and familiar touch display, a rather simple radio with a monochrome screen, on the other hand, it is possible to start without using a key, an electric handrail and wheels with aluminum wheels. Options Active and Supreme involve additional devices, equipment and leather trim.

After the update, the car became more thoughtful, the key point is the console, where after the redesign you can catch the notes of imitation of the Bavarian leaders. Climate control has been improved, the key has become a worthy replacement for the lever, and the tunnel is slightly wider. The minor, but not so significant drawbacks to refuse to purchase were attributed to the lack of seat adjustment for the passenger in the front seat, somewhat narrow door armrests and below the usual roof. In all other respects, the model remains an excellent student and continues to look prettier every year..

The optimal version, where the comfortable speed control, the noble style in the materials used for decoration, the fast motor and the automatic transmission sport mode are favorably combined. Together, this all allows us to rightfully rank the Mazda 6 as the best in the middle class..


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