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Mazda 6 sedan of the third generation

Mazda 6 sedan of the third generation 1

The third generation sedan Mazda 6

Mazda 6 sedan of the third generation 2

The third generation Mazda 6 sedan was developed based on the Takeri concept. The car differs from previous versions in increased body sizes, the wheelbase has increased by 105 millimeters, and the clearance has decreased by 15 millimeters. Of course, that these changes have a positive effect on the comfort of the cabin. In addition to external changes, the sedan has improved technical and optional equipment. Consider all these upgrades in more detail..

Features of the design of the body, interior

The body of the car in question looks ultramodern, dynamic, attractive. The radiator grille significantly protrudes forward, bi-xenon headlights have an original shape, provided with LED running lights. On the side elements of the body there is a relief stamping, the rear pillars have a strong tilt. The luggage compartment door is decorated with chrome moldings, the rear optics are assembled from LED elements. Elements of the machine body are made of high strength grades of steel. Thanks to this, compared with previous generations, the rigidity of the sedan increased by thirty percent.

In developing the interior design, the automaker paid great attention to detail. Therefore, the interior looks solid and solid. The driver’s seat provides tangible lateral support, has a large number of adjustments. On the center console, a large screen of the multimedia system is highlighted, which is controlled by a joystick mounted behind the transmission lever. The steering wheel is multifunctional; navigation and audio controls are displayed on it.

The wide rear sofa provides a lot of free space for a comfortable fit of three people. On the backs of the front seats there are recesses, thanks to which the free leg space is further expanded. For storing personal belongings, there are deep pockets on the doors..

Powertrain specifications

In the basic configuration, the sedan is equipped with a 150-horsepower Skyactive-G power unit, which provides acceleration to hundreds in nine seconds, with five liters of fuel consumption. In a more expensive configuration, a 192-horsepower engine is installed on the car, providing acceleration in seven seconds. The engines are paired with an automatic transmission, and the operation of the top-end unit is integrated with a brake recovery system. During short stops, the engine is shut off by a start / stop system and this allows you to significantly save fuel.


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