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Mazda 6

Mazda 6 1

Mazda 6

Mazda 6 2

It’s no secret that as soon as cars such as the Mazda appeared on the Russian market, it became clear to everyone that they would be enormously successful. With all this, a large number of people were confident that repeating this kind of creation would not work. However, Japanese manufacturers, despite all the talk, did the impossible and created the Mazda 6 model. For all that, it is worth noting that this particular car was recognized as the best in the Mazda line.

It is also worth noting that a few years ago convinced skeptics claimed that they would not be able to maintain their former shape in this car. But this turned out to be completely wrong. In general, the car was not subject to special changes. However, there were some corrections that were distinctive from previous models. For example, these are stronger bends, and the headlights acquired the shape of an elongated type. In addition, the grille and discs on low-profile rubber give the car a slightly aggressive look.

As for the salon, on the whole, it retained its familiar and corporate identity, although due to the development of the progress of changes, it was also impossible to avoid. In particular, this concerns the fact that hard plastic was changed to soft, and a color display was added to the center console.

Also, manufacturers made sure that every person who purchases this car will find what is interesting to him. For example, for lovers of good music, a top-end version of the audio system with eleven speakers is provided.

However, with all this, it is also worth paying attention to that the eternal problem regarding sound insulation in Mazda has remained unchanged. Despite the fact that in the sixth model this issue is worked out, there are still shortcomings.

In addition, in terms of changes regarding space, the Mazda 6 as a whole has not undergone as such. In general, the interior is not cramped, only any additional compartments are not enough. Despite all this, the luggage compartment has quite good dimensions, which are approximately 483 liters.

Among other things, the power plant also did not suffer any special changes. That is, in fact, under the hood is the same 2-liter engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower. At the same time, the motor does its work in tandem with a six-speed automatic. It is this component that helps to gain speed of 100 kilometers in 10 seconds.

Also, do not forget that the Mazda 6 provides a mechanical transmission.

In terms of all this, the minimum cost of this kind of car starts at 980 thousand rubles, which is generally a pretty good amount for the car of the most interesting in its segment today.


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