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Mazda 626 – reliability in everything

Mazda 626 - reliability in everything 1

Mazda 626 – reliability in everything

Mazda 626 - reliability in everything 2

Mazda 626 is a prime example of the reliability and quality of the Japanese automotive industry. The car has proven that it can last for many years without requiring major repairs. Those who own the second and third generation Japanese Mazda 626 cars have repeatedly praised themselves for such a successful acquisition. There are so many strengths in this machine that isolated problems are simply lost against their background..

Mazda 626 – a reliable car with a very elegant appearance. It is in serious competition with brands such as Opel Vectra and VW Passat. True, some “evil languages” claim that the design of Mazda has clearly lost its relevance.

But after all, everyone chooses a car to their liking. Someone like bright and powerful cars, someone modest models. It is very important that the Mazda 626 is reliable and durable..

And if a breakdown occurs, then there are no problems with spare parts. In addition, the repair of the Mazda 626 is easy to carry out in auto repair shops in view of its good maintainability. The body of the Mazda 626 has a very strong.

It is not susceptible to corrosion due to the high resistance of the paintwork. True, the headlights of the car are poorly sealed. Sometimes condensation is observed inside them.

Pleases the interior of the Mazda 626. The rear seats fold out, allowing the luggage compartment to increase its volume. Passengers and the driver feel comfortable, because the cabin is spacious and comfortable. All seats are comfortable. A driver’s seat is perfectly adjustable.

All trim materials are very high quality. Engine noise is almost inaudible here. Some pens, however, vibrate, but you pay little attention to this. Mazda 626 has strong and reliable steering traction.

But the suspension is a little harsh. But the car has good cornering stability. Mazda 626 engine has virtually no failure.

It has a low noise level during operation. True, the power unit is demanding on the quality of oil and fuel. If you abuse the bad fuel, then you will have to repair the Mazda engine. Mazda 626 has no electrical problems.

Of course, even after 10 years of operation, this car looks very presentable and shows its best qualities. Those who own it rarely go to a car service center to repair Mazda. After all, this car is very reliable..


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