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Mazda 626

Mazda 626 1

Mazda 626

Mazda 626 2

The first time the whole world saw the Mazda 626 in 1979 in America. The first such car was a bit cramped, rear-wheel drive with a 4-cylinder engine. For the entire 626 family, the steering wheel is on the left side. By certain standards, this car was attributed to the middle class..

In total, the Mazda 626 has seven modifications. The series and each modification has its own Latin letter. This family has its own sports modification (GT). The Mazda 626 release had various bodies. In total there were 4 types of bodies: sedan, hatchback, station wagon, coupe. In the GD model, the lines became swift. The station wagon appeared in 1988. When the body was replaced with a sedan, and then a hatchback, I had to change the interior design. In each form, the Mazda 626 changed its appearance and interior. Of course, the details changed to newer ones. For example, in the latest models of the series, the headlights were made in one block; switches were moved to door handles.

Engines were distinguished using specific indices. The most popular engines were the two-liter FE, which ultimately acquired a whole series. Later, carbureted and injection engines entered this family. Since 1987, he put twelve and sixteen valve engines. A catalyst was placed on such units. After some time, they began to install diesel engines, which were mainly installed on the GC.

In 1997, a new generation was launched in the 626 series. This model was supposed to consolidate the status of a reliable and family car. Such a statute, in general, was originally conceived. This car already had front-wheel drive. The design of the car has changed, it had more and more European features. The lines became sharper, and the roundness almost all disappeared. In appearance, the car became smaller, although there was more free space in the cabin. At the same time, a hatchback was also released, which had a very interesting design, especially the trunk. The suspension remains the same. But most importantly, its parts were replaced with new ones. On the rear suspension suspension stabilizer changed. The usual configuration of this model includes an electric window drive, 4 airbags, steering columns and much more. Additional features included climate control, a computer that can show fuel consumption, and so on..

On almost all modifications of the Mazda 626, you can install only 3 engines, 2 of them on gasoline and one diesel. The 1997 generation was the last of the Mazda 626 series. Shortly afterwards, the next Mazda series appeared..


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