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Mercedes A-class W168

Mercedes A-class W168 1

Mercedes A-class W168

Mercedes A-class W168 2

A compact car is what many people need to travel around the city. Mercedes A-class W168 is one such car. This machine will be discussed in the article..

The design is quite stylish. It is difficult to call it catchy, but you cannot call it any “gray” either. The back of the car even looks somewhat sporty. However, this car is not suitable for those who want everyone to pay attention to the car. At the same time, the Mercedes A-class W168 is perfect for people who would like the car to be beautiful and inconspicuous at the same time..

The trunk of this model is quite roomy, which is undoubtedly a plus. This fact makes the Mercedes-Benz A-class W168 an excellent choice as the car that a person will drive for shopping..

Despite the fact that the car looks very small in appearance, the cabin is quite comfortable. As for the interior design, it is quite minimalistic. However, such a design is well suited for this car..

There are not many buttons. Everything is pretty minimalistic. The steering wheel looks modest enough that, however, does not go beyond the design of the cabin as a whole.

Sitting in the back seat is quite comfortable. Of course, there is not so much space, but in principle it is enough. However, people of high stature are unlikely to be comfortable here, as, however, in the front seats.

The steering is pretty good. The car shows good results on the road. It should be noted that this car is better not to take to people who plan to drive along rather rough roads. The fact is that irregularities will be felt quite strongly.

This small compact car, of course, is not suitable for everyone. However, the target audience is quite vast, and it includes many different people. Someone in general may be indifferent to the appearance of the car, and he just needs a car for shopping trips, and inexpensive. Isn’t the A-class W168 a great choice in this case??!

Mercedes-Benz A-class W168 is a good choice for those who sometimes want to drive for groceries or some other goods. The car is also good for daily driving to work. If a person wants to buy a Mercedes car, but he does not have much money, then the Mercedes A-class W168 can be a good solution. Yes, the car is no longer new, but it looks quite modern. All in all, it’s a good car for everyday use..


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