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Mercedes AMG SLK

Mercedes AMG SLK 1

Mercedes AMG SLK – a frisky conqueror of motorways

Mercedes AMG SLK 2

The first impression of the “hot” CLK: this is a real Mercedes! Squat, quite unobtrusive effort on the steering wheel, soft responses, excellent smoothness. The gearbox is really awesome. When you shift gears “up” it is almost impossible to feel any jerks! In the manual “Down” version, the gears are also switched very smoothly, without delay, for this reason there is an unprecedented opportunity to brake the engine as well as a manual gearbox. Self-adjusting electronics (operates in two versions – “sport” and “winter”) by signals from the on-board computer can not only be adjusted according to the driver’s driving style, but also record the gear used.

One unique feature that SLK developers are especially proud of. For example, you are lagging behind a truck and expect the possibility of overtaking. When the expected “window” appears, you only need to drown the gas pedal and wait a moment until it kicks down. With the AMG Speedshift automatic, you only need to move the selector lever a little to the left and hold it in this position for a second. The transmission itself will choose a suitable gear for future active acceleration.!

The entire potential of the power unit is felt just during such overtaking. After all, while you are rolling at the usual pace, the engine does not rush to show its true temperament. The Teflon augers of the supercharger (it is provided by the legendary Japanese company IHI for AMG) spin almost silently, you will not hear a droning exhaust from under the bottom of the sports car, regular pressing the accelerator does not provoke sharp jerks and do not force passengers to beat their noses against the head restraints. It is clear that even when moving half-heartedly, the car is incredibly dynamic. But only you drown the accelerator pedal to the floor, and in a moment the Mercedes SLK turns into a whistling missile!

Now the compressor mode is controlled by electronics. At light loads, it blocks the clutch, and the engine is modified into an atmospheric “six” with a relatively low compression ratio. This consumes less fuel without spending it on the drive of a mechanical supercharger unused during these seconds. As the loads and revolutions increase, the clutch begins to systematically connect the compressor to work. Well, pedal to the floor! The clutch is locked tight, the Lysholm augers rotate violently, liquefied air passes through the cells of the liquid intercooler and is driven into the cylinders.

By the way, at the moment when the engine is gaining the limit of 6220 rpm, the supercharger runs three times faster – 20700 rpm. But even then the boost will do their job virtually silently. Where does the hissing come from that accompanies acceleration “to the floor”? This is the effect of a special adjustment of the exhaust device – when the throttle is fully open, the exhaust gas flow forces the Mercedes-Benz compressor to produce “compressor” sounds!


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