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Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 1

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2

In 2014, a new generation Mercedes-Benz B-class model debuted at the Paris Motor Show, which received a number of changes during the modernization. The updated model will enter the market in 2015. It is believed that the novelty will be not only attractive and solid like most Mercedes models, but also affordable.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer itself positions the novelty as a Sport Tourer, the exterior of the body looks like a compact minivan. Obviously, when working on the body, the most pressing issue for designers was the aerodynamic properties of the car. Therefore, the next generation B-class has a sloping front roof and equipped with various air ducts of a rather neat type of bumper. The front view is perfectly complemented by a false radiator grille with chrome jumpers and the manufacturer’s logo and a neatly made new optical system equipped with LED navigation lights.

When viewed from the side, it becomes obvious that the radius of the wheel arches is chosen most successfully. Therefore, if necessary, there will be no problems with the selection of rims. The car body looks really attractive and stylish thanks to the beautiful line of windows, the special shape of the mirrors, the stylishly made door handle and the impressive stamping lines. The back of the car is made in the usual manner for the manufacturer – a large rectangular tailgate, a very small neat bumper and large lighting fixtures.

The dimensions of the updated model are such that they may well correspond to both a hatchback and a rather compact minivan. So its height reaches 155.7 cm, length – 435.9 cm, width – 178.6 cm. At the same time, the wheelbase is 269.9 cm and the clearance is 14 cm. For the Russian market, such a clearance is hardly possible to call sufficient. But probably solving this problem will become possible by changing the radius of the wheels.

Inside, the updated Mercedes-Benz B-class looks as it should be for a modern car with the proper level of comfort and style. Each element of the interior is made neatly and stylishly, so the folding parts draw a picture of a simple and at the same time chic minivan.

The front row seats are as comfortable as possible with excellently designed side protection. Due to the design features of these seats, it will be convenient for both large and rather miniature people to be on one of these seats. If necessary, the driver can adjust the position of both his seat and steering column. The anatomically correct steering wheel is no less high-quality and is equipped with all kinds of control buttons. Despite the fact that the design of the dashboard is quite simple, its main feature is excellent readability, which is important.

The rear seats are equipped with a special system that allows the seats to move in the cabin by 14 cm. Despite the fact that the cabin is quite spacious, passengers above 190 cm in height are likely to rest their feet in the front row seats.

For the decoration of the novelty and sound insulation, the best quality materials were used, so the trip in such a car is quite silent and comfortable.

Even in the minimum configuration, the equipment of the minivan is amazing. This is a solid audio system, and a color on-board computer, and a complete electric drive package, and air conditioning, and many useful safety systems, including driver fatigue control. As additional equipment, the manufacturer offers cruise control, a parallel parking assistance system, electric seats and sunroof, a bi-xenon optical system and many other rather useful devices.

The manufacturer produces a fairly wide series of various power units, but only 2 gasoline engines and one diesel engine will enter the Russian market. Gasoline engines will be available only in a single volume of 1.6 liters, differing in the degree of boost. The power of the youngest in the motor line reaches 122 hp, the oldest – 156 hp The first is able to accelerate to a mark of 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds, the second – in just 8.4 seconds. Moreover, fuel consumption for them is almost the same and is about 5 liters on the highway and 7.6 liters in the city.

The diesel engine available to Russian motorists has a displacement of 1.8 l with a capacity of only 109 hp. It takes 10.7 seconds to accelerate to a reference speed mark, and the maximum possible speed is 180 km / h. Fuel consumption figures are impressive – it’s only 4 liters on the highway and 6 liters in urban areas.

Since even in the basic configuration, the new generation of the B-class is equipped with quite impressive equipment, the base price is corresponding to it – about 920 thousand rubles. However, for a Mercedes car with similar characteristics, this is quite a decent and even affordable price..

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