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Mercedes-Benz Class S – Legislator

Mercedes-Benz Class S - Legislator 1

Mercedes-Benz Class S – Legislator

Mercedes-Benz Class S - Legislator 2

Having said goodbye to the Maybach brand in 2012, the developers of Daimler AG with renewed vigor began to modernize various Mercedes-Benz models, giving paramount attention to the legislator of the premium segment S W222, whose height cannot be taken by any car.

Indeed, looking at the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz W222, you begin to understand how much work the company employees have done in such a short period of time. The model previously could not complain about the lack of technological know-how, but in the latest version it is literally “stuffed” with innovations and numerous auxiliary options and gadgets, listing of which can take a lot of time.

For example, a video camera (stereo) that activates a tuning system that regulates the direction of movement of the machine when overcoming unforeseen obstacles. Who knows the car in which this option works? The head of the Mercedes design bureau said that when designing the car, the developers considered it a priority to increase the dynamic properties of the car while denying a natural increase in its aggression not to please fashion trends. The standards of the legislator of the class had to be met in any case, and the technical department of Mercedes was able to cope with the task perfectly..

The radiator grill has become taller and larger, resulting in an increase in the length of the engine compartment, making the exterior of the car even more solid. Updated light optics, which has not changed since 2005, as it did not cause any complaints. Most importantly, it was possible to significantly reduce the mass of the car through the use of aluminum and other “volatile” alloys, whose share in body components is today more than 50%.

Two TFT displays are installed in the car interior, the functions of which are proportionally divided: the left one displays the technical part, the electronics and the operation of the car control systems, the right one is responsible for entertainment and computer science. The steering wheel has also changed, supporting the rim with a pair of side spokes..

In various trim levels, 2 types of rear-seat passenger seats are offered with various adjustments to the tilt angles, foot supports, and massagers. Body length also varies. Initially, a long platform was used, the modernization of which made it possible to create a shortened version of the S class model. By the way, in many countries of Europe the car will get only in the Long version. The final starting price has not yet been announced, but according to unconfirmed information the price tag will show $ 80,000 minimum, which is quite true for a car of this class, and even a Mercedes-Benz brand.


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