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Mercedes-Benz E-Klass 2002

Mercedes-Benz E-Klass 2002 1

Mercedes-Benz E-Klass 2002

Mercedes-Benz E-Klass 2002 2

Mercedes-Benz has firmly taken its place in the markets of most countries as a symbol of the prestige and success of its owners. E-class models are no exception – the most popular and, therefore, especially important for the German company. A completely updated version of this car was presented at the Brussels Motor Show at the very beginning of 2002 and immediately caught fire with a new bright star, attracting attention equally as technical innovations, as well as the elegant luxury of design and stylistic elaboration.

The desire of designers to maintain the style of the previous car in the new body was found in perfect combination with the work to create a muscular energetic sedan. The latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the eighth interpretation of the design with four round headlights, the modern founder of which he became five years ago. With this model, the German company sums up a peculiar result, accumulating in it all the most dynamic and sophisticated, which was found in the sports SL and the compact C-class that appeared recently on the market. The long hood and shortened trunk emphasize the impression of power and swiftness, the side line of the doors is elegant and muscular, and the headlights became slightly slanted and lively thanks to the division into two “floors” popular today, which created slightly surprised “pupils” of headlights and slightly serious frowning “eyebrows” direction indicators.

Four years of work and two billion dollars were spent not only on a flawless body design. The 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class became a pioneer in the application of many technical systems. For the first time on a truly mass vehicle, electro-hydraulic brakes, Sensotronic Brake Control, have been installed, eliminating the need for direct mechanical connection between the pedal and actuators. Such a solution not only organizes the layout space much more rationally, but also, thanks to the use of sensors and a high-precision drive, allows braking faster and organically connect its parameters to the operation of the electronic dynamic stabilization system ESP.

Traditionally, the highest quality of decoration and execution of interior details is complemented by innovations in comfort systems. In addition to the standard two-section climate control, it is possible to install the THERMOTRONIC system, acting on each of the four seats separately. The sensors detect constantly changing requirements and maintain the set temperature, taking into account the state of the environment, speed and other factors. For the first time in the world, multi-circuit seats with dynamically changing support have been developed for the 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Each of them has a group of built-in chambers in which air is supplied or removed so that the lateral and lumbar support are optimal, regardless of speed or various accelerations.

Luxury sedans and station wagons, Mercedes-Benz E has always been distinguished by excellent dynamics and excellent handling. A great merit in this belongs to the careful study of the suspension and chassis elements. For the new generation of cars that saw the light in 2002, four-link front and multi-link rear suspensions were developed, most of the details of which are made of aluminum. The groundbreaking air-hydraulic suspension AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) has become standard equipment on the most prestigious E 500 V8, also available on other models. In real time, it tracks and analyzes vertical accelerations, comparing them with the optimal mathematical model. As a result, the stiffness of the shock absorbers is constantly changing, thus eliminating the eternal conflict between the requirements of passenger comfort and the accuracy of driving when cornering and in difficult road conditions.

Vehicle Specifications:
Dimensions, mm: 4818х1822х1452
Base, mm: 2854
Fuel tank capacity, l: 64
Trunk capacity, l: 540
Engine, L: 2.4, 3.2, 5.0
Power, l p.: 177, 224, 306
Maximum speed, km / h: 236, 243, 250


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