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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG – the ageless all-terrain vehicle

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG - the ageless all-terrain vehicle 1

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG – the ageless all-terrain vehicle

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG - the ageless all-terrain vehicle 2

This powerful representative of the company Mercedes-Benz, well-known and popular in countries that can simply be tired of listing, is not going to resign at all. The car is at the peak of popularity, probably from the moment of its first presentation, but after all 35 years have passed.

The machine fully justifies its technical characteristics with its name – Gelaendewagen (all-terrain vehicle), having seen a lot in its technical age. Nevertheless, its sales have a tendency of constant growth, just not all users are able to purchase this car. Even in the simplest configuration, the G-wagen is more expensive than executive cars, and when it comes to expensive versions, many supercars cannot stand nearby.

AMG. This abbreviation began after the atmospheric power plant G55 AMG V8, producing 354 horses, appeared in the car. At that time, it was an all-time high. Although, according to analysts, this modification of Mercedes-Benz did not exist in nature, and its appearance was officially announced only in 1999. What did not work out in the company with this car is known only to the developers themselves, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that a heavy frame SUV with 3 differentials, with locks, was again improved in 2004. This time the car “acquired” a compressor engine (476 hp), which brought it to new lines of power, the latter, in the process of further modifying the model, increased to 507 forces.

Time passed. MB cars of various classes, having unattainable popularity, were constantly modernized, overgrown with options and innovations. Only AG-wagen had little to do with it. He did not leave the Olympus of popularity without the mentioned technical decorations. Yes, and many of the modern options in this all-terrain vehicle were simply inappropriate.

Then, in the arena appeared trendy and beloved by many GL. It would seem, that’s all, on this the history of the all-terrain vehicle approached its logical conclusion, but it wasn’t there! Today, the 2nd modifications of the GL are already known, the third is being prepared, and the G63 AMG is still confidently holding on to its positions.

However, the G class, also periodically updated, may not be so significant, but Mercedes does not deny this fact. For example, not so long ago, new lines of the radiator grille and LEDs appeared in the car, but this is simple cosmetics. The body simply has nowhere to increase, and the new interior has become very attractive. We changed a lot, both the center console and the dashboard, inserting a modern display into it. Installed Comand Online navigation (Internet), these options will certainly be in demand.

In motion, it seems that the car’s margin of traction does not come to a limit. Today, in the most expensive versions, the 7G-tronic Plas transmission is installed, with its help the car demonstrates its “brutal” character not only on heavy off-road, but also on the highway. With the safety of the all-terrain vehicle, everything is at the highest level. It is provided by a braking system with perforated discs, and in the calipers of the front wheel braking mechanisms, 6 pistons can be counted. Overall, the G63 AMG SUV is beyond praise!


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