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Mercedes-Benz w210. Key synchronization.


I decided to create an article to help. The question is very common. Especially with the electronic ignition key I decided to collect all the ways in one place. I treat this with understanding because I have come across this problem.
So the way to bind the key:
1) -Shape the key in the direction of the internal rear-view mirror, press the button twice, — Within 30 seconds, turn the key in the ignition switch to position “2”.
2) Press the key and hold the close button and simultaneously press the opening button six times briefly. Let’s release the button of closing, we press the button of opening.
3) We turn on the ignition, turn it off, then we turn the key on the mirror and open and close the car. Everything — the key is attached to the car.
Was glad if helped))
4) With Abrites AVDI (MN026 software license)

Carscanners Team

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