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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake 2012

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake 2012 1

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake 2012

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake 2012 2

In 2012, the automotive world snapped awesome news! Representatives of the German company Mercedes-Benz announced that in the near future a new generation station wagon with the name Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake will enter mass production. Car engineers said it was a completely new, developed car (however, it was built on the platform of an old coupe from Mercedes – CLS)

As for the technical characteristics, the company representatives at the beginning of the project stated that the car will be available with four versions of engines. And so it happened. The first version is a gasoline, six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.5 liters, with a capacity of just over 300 horsepower. The second version of the engine is a 5.5 liter, with six cylinders with a capacity of 538 horsepower, there are also gas units with capacities of 200 and 265 horses. Despite the volume and power, the cars turned out to be very economical. All the engines that you can choose are gasoline, the company does not provide diesel options. However, it was announced that an environmental, diesel version would soon appear..

The appearance of the car turned out to be very aggressive among German designers and at the same time calm with wavy shapes. The roof of the car descends in a smooth manner to the hood (the hood itself is very high). On the radiator cap, a huge emblem is finished with chrome, and 20 inch alloy wheels only give the car an aggressive and luxurious style.

If we talk about comfort, then the specialists of the German company did a fair job. Of course, the main details of comfort depend on the equipment you purchased, however, speaking of the basic version, the car has a panoramic, not cheap roof, seats are trimmed with expensive leather, and appliances are made of expensive wood. The driver and passengers will experience unprecedented comfort, and will receive a lot of new emotions from riding on a new legend. If you need to put a briefcase or laptop somewhere, then in the trunk there are separate places for this.

The car is very good and high quality, few would refuse to own it, but many experts consider the price to be very high. The price ranges from 120 to 150 thousand American dollars, depending on the configuration.


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