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Presenting new nice tool for Mercedes-Benz – Mercedes Extreme!

mb extreme tool

Mercedes Extreme key programmer

This diagnostic interface is designed for programming a new key when a working key is present or when all keys lost. The software is so user-friendly, that to finish the job it is enough simply to follow the steps exactly as described in instructions.

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Presenting new nice tool for Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes Extreme! 1

Key Programming kit Include:

• Software For Calculating The Dealer Password For FBS3 Components – EZS, ESL, 7G, ISM, ECU
• Read EIS Password From All FBS3 Key Types – Motorola Key, Nec Key, Bga Key
• Programming BE/EB Mercedes Keys By IR Channel

• Programming Mercedes ESL and ESL emulator By IR Channel
• Read EIS Dump By IR-Key Reader (Motorola And Nec EIS Covered)
• Specially Made For Anyone Who Has Any Other Tool – No Matter The Manufacturer, Who Can Not Always Generate The Dealer Password
• 3 Calculations Per Day
• 3 Calculations Per Day For Keys Of EIS Dump. The Generation Of 8 Key Is Obtained
Within A Few Seconds
• Calculation Of Crypto Password For ESL W204/207/212 From KEY/EZS Password
• Without TOKENS
• Available In Those Languages Currently: English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi And Portuguese. If You Wish, We Can Add Other Languages

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