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Why the Mercedes key might not work?

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Why the Mercedes key might not work?

With the problem of efficiency, write or rewrite key is forced to face almost any electrician and the owner of the Mercedes. Do not rush to change the lock, engine control unit, etc.

On that there are a number of reasons, let’s analyze!

1) Mercedes Company recommends theirs customers to change the keys once every ten years. Even if they work fine. Why, we will understand later.

2) There are eight cells for different keys, in the Mercedes ignition lock (eight buses, in professional language). Each cell can only be overwritten three times. Example: you bought a car with two keys, the first two cells are full, the other six are empty and waiting in the wings. If you lost the first key, no problem. Overwrite the first cell with a new key. Lost again – It happens to everyone. Repeat the procedure. Well, if you manage to lose the key again, the first cell will be locked forever and we will write a new key in the third.

3) Cunning Germans, came up with a variable code with which the key communicates with the lock. No matter how many times you start the car, it will always be different. This code is calculated by a special algorithm and has its limit. Code variants are a little more than 300 000. When variants end, the key stop working. According to the calculations of cunning Germans, the variable code should be enough for 20-30 years of using the key. According to the calculations of the law of meanness and harsh reality, this is enough for a maximum of 10-15 years. So if you bought a 10 years Mercedes, in very good condition, and you see that the key is clearly the same age as your car, it is better to spend money and make a new key, it will save you from possible problems in the future.

4) If you estimate and analyze all of the above, then the lock also has its own, theoretical limit, and the steering locks have a nasty habit of breaking. All this requires manipulation of the keys. I think, it is not necessary to explain, that care should be taken of your keys and change them every ten years and solve problems with them only with the help of qualified masters. Those aren’t tricky advices will help you to avoid difficulties “out of nowhere”, will save you time, money and nerves!

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key programmer mb extreme

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