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Note about Mercedes-Benz keys

mercedes key

Note about Mercedes-Benz keys

In today ‘s article we will address the issue of programming Mercedes keys with the FBS3 system. Namely the keys, which in the people slang called “Fish.” Mercedes introduced the system in 1997, causing real shock to people in the auto-electronics industry. FBS3 or as in the latest cars Mercedes FBS4 is a system of authorization of the widower.

Let’s begin with history! When the first machines began to handle problems of lost or broken keys, masters had to shoot many blocks and manually program them. The most difficult was the unit in the transmission, for its programming, it was necessary to disassemble the transmission. In general, the process was very long,  labour-intensive and well-known expensive. But soon the first programmers appeared, which made life much easier for masters, but the use of them could cause significant problems for car owners in the future. The principle of operation of such programmers is simple, a normal, working machine with normal operating keys was taken. From this machine, data was read from various blocks and recorded into the client ‘s machine. A simple language was made a complete clone. And everything would be good, but the blocks stand on many cars different and there was a conflict of firmware and some car options did not work correctly. Not only that, to program the keys in the future, the client, more precisely his car, was tied only to this master. The dealer or other master could no longer program the keys to this car,  in a simple way.

Fortunately, progress is not standing still. It took equipment developers about ten years to fully make the process of programming new keys simple and most importantly safe. The most difficult thing now remains to get the password from the ignition lock. It is this procedure that takes the main time of the wizard. Depending on what equipment we use and make an additional key or all business keys are lost, the password calculation process can take from 5 minutes to several hours (even days). If everything went well after programming the keys, I would ask the wizard to prick me this password. Okay, just in case.

Almost any Mercedes owner has to face the problem of recording or rewriting keys. There are a number of reasons, let ‘s figure it out!
1) Mercedes recommends that its customers change their keys once every ten years. Even if they work normally. Why, we will understand further.
2) The Mercedes castle has ten cells for different keys (ten tires, in professional language). Each cell can only be overwritten three times. Example: You bought a car with two keys, the first two cells are filled, the eight others are still empty and waiting for their hour. If you lost the first key, no trouble. Overwrite the first cell with the new key. Lost again, it happens. Let’s repeat the procedure. Well, if you manage to lose the key again, the first cell will be locked forever and put a new key in the third.
3) Cunning Germans, came up with a variable code with which the key communicates with the lock, no matter how many times you start the car, it will always be different. This code is calculated according to a special algorithm and has its limit. Code variants are just over 140,000. When the code options are over, the key will stop working. According to calculations of cunning Germans variable code should suffice for 30-40 years of key use. According to the calculations of the law of vile and harsh reality, this is enough for 10-15 years. So if you bought a Mercedes for 10 years, but in very good condition, and you see that the key is clearly the peer of your car, it is better to spend and make a new key, it will save you from possible problems in the future.
4) If you imagine and analyze everything above said, the castle also has its own, theoretical limit, and the steering blockers have a nasty habit of breaking. All this requires key manipulation.

I think it is not necessary to explain that it is necessary to monitor the keys, once every ten years to change them and if it was possible to solve the problem with them, to address only qualified masters. These not cunning tips will help you avoid difficulties “in a flat place,” will save you time, money and nerves!

P.S. Sorry – we used automatic translate for this article. If something unclear – please write us and we’ll explain. Have a nice day!

P.P.S. If you interest buy key programmer – ask us and we’ll answer free.

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