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Mercedes S65 AMG – comfort and quality as one

Mercedes S65 AMG - comfort and quality as one 1

Mercedes S65 AMG – comfort and quality as one

Mercedes S65 AMG - comfort and quality as one 2

“There is always something to strive for” – this is a vital truth, however, to say that to the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is at least strange. This is a truly outstanding car that has its own charm, its own charm, its own character.

Looking at the dynamic characteristics, there are people who indignantly say, so what is it? Indeed, acceleration to hundreds of 4.3 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h, nothing unusual, there are much faster cars, but Mercedes has one caveat that other cars do not have. Acceleration to maximum speed here, this is not an adrenaline rush into the blood, but an everyday action, which requires neither physical nor emotional efforts.

The car interior is a luxury in everything, it is always convenient here, regardless of the mood and weather outside. An excellent multimedia system with wide capabilities only enhances the feeling of comfort and home decor. Excellent energy-intensive suspension creates the feeling of flying over the road. And it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in a passenger VIP seat, or driving a premium sedan, you get the same pleasure.

Technically, the car has several interesting points, LED head optics, the possibility of night vision functions for an additional fee, a projection display, excellent brakes, a start-stop system and much more. The sport mode of the box is a completely different story, by activating the switch on the lever of a seven-speed automatic transmission, you get a real monster that breaks forward always and everywhere, with the slightest pressure on the gas pedal. For such cases, by the way, there is the possibility of transforming a comfortable leather chair into a kind of racing bucket, for this you only need to activate the dynamic support function.

As soon as you get to the back row of seats, I want to stay here longer, because this is a real restroom. Massage, minibar, TV, individual multimedia system, folding tables, refrigerator, etc. At the same time, everything was done simply with stunning quality, to look for flaws in the assembly is a thankless task.

Mercedes has been and remains the benchmark for quality and luxury, and the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is at the very top of the hierarchy of premium cars from this manufacturer. And even despite a large number of competitors in the premium segment, the car confidently holds its rightful niche.


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