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Mercedes SL63 AMG Roadster 2016

Mercedes SL63 AMG Roadster 2016 1

Mercedes SL63 AMG Roadster 2016 – a little secret!

Mercedes SL63 AMG Roadster 2016 2

Not so long ago, directly in Germany, regular journalists opened the curtain on Mercedes’s considerable secret – the new SL63 AMG. Next year, this new product will be a debutant at one of the largest auto shows. While a lot of secrets, especially around the technical component, the company manages to hide, but too many rumors, which are almost confirmed, have accumulated over this device. And judging by the photographs taken by the same journalists, there will be as many external changes as there are internal ones. Almost the entire front part was camouflaged as much as possible, therefore, qualitative changes are expected, which will then set the tone for the development of all the novelties of the German giant.

Exclusively on the basis of information that the developers themselves did not confirm, the characteristics inherent in this car became known. It will have a decent size 5.5 liter engine, naturally with a turbine. The unit will have a rather frightening power – 585 horses, and this despite the fact that a torque of 900 Nm comes down from the engine. Despite the very worthy results in terms of productivity, the developers still believe that the majority will have enough 250 km / h of maximum, and correctly consider. Dynamics, even with the transition to a mark of over 200 km / h, will remain excellent. SL63 AMG will be able to issue a hundred in 4.2 seconds, and I would very much like to believe that we will see versions on which the maximum limiter will be removed. In terms of external changes, the roadster will receive many new elements. It all starts with optics and reaches the bumpers, grilles and other details. Undoubtedly, it is worth noting that the new wheels will give freshness to the car, especially considering the fact that this is a sports device.

In general, Mercedes-Benz will show people several sporting solutions this and next year. Most importantly, the company always manages to make these cars very technological and comfortable at the same time, and this greatly affects the mind of the buyer. However, competitors are also good and are constantly preparing explosive news. That is why, given the progress made, every year it will be only more interesting for everyone to watch how the German troika is trying to do something ingenious, but at the same time convenient and easy to use. In this case, you just need to wait for the announcement and try not to faint from the price tag.


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