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Mercedes sprinter from Germany – review, specifications and owner reviews

Mercedes sprinter from Germany - review, specifications and owner reviews 1

Mercedes sprinter from Germany – the history of the car, the line of engines, equipment

Mercedes sprinter from Germany - review, specifications and owner reviews 2

Review of the legendary Mercedes Sprinter car from Germany

Mercedes Sprinter car from Germany in the domestic markets is unconditional success and popularity. Already in the first year of release of this model (1995), she managed to get the title of “van of the year.” The first generation was offered in 9 basic versions. Not very powerful modifications were equipped with 2.3-liter diesel engines, more powerful configurations, such as, for example, the Mercedes Sprinter 313, designed to perform more serious tasks, were received by five-cylinder engines with a working volume of 2.9 liters with a capacity of 102 to 120 “horses”. The most powerful were the versions with a gasoline 125-horsepower 2.3-liter engine.

Technical characteristics of the first-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter received good, not only engines, but also the suspension design are considered the best confirmation: in the front there is an independent lever-spring suspension, and behind – parabolic springs. The manufacturer initially assumed that this car will be used in conditions of varying complexity, therefore, included in its technical equipment a locked differential of the rear axle with automatic connection. In 1997, versions with a full four-wheel drive system were also offered. The number of different variations with all-wheel drive pleasantly pleased buyers, this is also confirmed by reviews of the Mercedes Sprinter.

Especially for cars from Germany, Mercedes Sprinter was the first generation and two gearbox variations were developed: a four-speed automatic and a 5-band mechanics. In addition, Sprinter cars received an ABS system, and after 1997 also a PBS system.

In 2000, the Sprinter survived the modernization, it began to be equipped with new ultramodern engines with the function of direct fuel injection, the configuration was supplemented by an electronic stabilization system.

In 2003, cars experienced another restyling, which was mainly aimed at upgrading the exterior. All released versions were divided into four variations: with a loading capacity of up to 1 ton; with one and a half tons loading (Mercedes Sprinter 313); with a loading capacity up to 2 tons and with a loading capacity up to 3 tons.

In 2006, the production of the second generation of Sprinters began in six body styles: 2 and 4-door chassis, a van, 2 and 4-door onboard modifications and a minibus. For this generation, the creators began to offer three types of wheelbases with a length of 4025 mm, 3550 mm and 3000 mm.

The new generation received more powerful modifications, such as the Mercedes Sprinter 515, which are driven by a 3.5-liter gasoline engine. Paired with the new engine, a 5-band automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive system began to be offered. Car Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 in the city consumes 17.3 liters. fuel, and on the highway – up to 10.3 liters. The most powerful diesel engine for the second generation of the Sprinter was a 190-horsepower 3-liter engine, mounted in tandem with a 6-speed “mechanics” and rear-wheel drive.

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