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Mercedes V-class car

Mercedes V-class car 1

Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes V-class car 2

In 2014, almost half of Mercedes-Benz Viano cars were purchased by private individuals. This car was conceived by the manufacturer for convenient family use. And at the same time, the car is an ideal option for servicing businessmen. A large comfortable interior, excellent interior design and appearance, equipped with all the modern necessary electronics – a good point of contact has been found, and there is no need to make a choice between a family car and a convenient car office.

An interesting and high-quality design of the machine, both inside and out, involves the use of expensive components and materials, but this is natural for machines of this class.

In particular, the Avantgarde model has convenient adjustment of various positions of the seats, it is also possible to choose the service of the seat heating system and their ventilation. If desired, you can equip the car with a mechanism for turning the seats both in the direction and against the movement. In the updated salon, all sorts of niches for gadgets and small things were not forgotten and made in sufficient quantities..

The entrance aperture is wide and comfortable. Particularly practical is the driver’s seat, its size and the opening control panel is beyond praise.

The main devices on the panel have a convenient location, are well readable even in bright sunshine. Also on the panel there is a modern multimedia center with a screen of 8.4 inches with excellent high contracting. In general, the panel is similar to the C-class line of this manufacturer.

The car is equipped with convenient handles and steps for a comfortable rise in the passenger compartment..

Mercedes-Benz Viano has a six-seater with separate seats and a seven-seater with an adjacent sofa. The seatbacks are able to adjust the tilt, the upholstery is made of leather.

The rear seats can easily be transformed or completely removed from the car. To control the comfortable climate in the rear of the car has its own remote.

The car has a lot of weight, for the stable movement at speed, the installed stabilization system helps it.

The minivan also has an electric power steering, LED headlights with a directional system in the direction of rotation, an opening rear window. I would also like to note an excellent engine.

Minivan fuel consumption on city roads 6.6 liters, in suburban operation – 5.6 liters.

Vehicle length 5140 mm, there are also options with a body length of 4895 mm and 5370 mm.


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