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MINI Cooper 2014

MINI Cooper 2014 1

MINI Cooper 2014

MINI Cooper 2014 2

In the summer of 2013, the so-called “photo spies” declassified the design of the new Mini Cooper, and in early 2014, the company “MINI” introduced its brainchild to the public. The show was held in Geneva, after which the car was presented in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

If we talk about the external changes of the car, then the car has received many new external changes. The first thing that catches your eye is the front of the car, it underwent the greatest degeneration. The hood, bumper was changed, the radiator grill was also improved, as for the rear of the car, only the side lights and the bumper were replaced there. In general, Mini Cooper 2014 has undergone tremendous changes, but most of all this is still noticeable in the cabin and in the filling of the car. And despite the purpose of the car (small and compact), the car, with each new version, continues to grow, MINI Cooper 2014 is no exception, this model has grown in all directions, The trunk volume has also increased.

The buyer, at choice, is provided with three types of engines: One and a half liter, three cylinder, gasoline engine with a turbo pump, power of 137 hp, there is also a diesel version, power of 116 hp Well, the most powerful option is the turbocharged four, with a capacity of 192 hp. (the latter accelerates to hundreds, in just 6.7 seconds). The transmission is offered in two types: mechanics and automatic. Both options are six-speed, which have the function of automatic peregazovka during downshifts. Also, paying for the machine, you will receive a sports transmission, which will make you feel the full power of this small car.

In the world, the popularity of this car rolls over! It does not have supernatural beauty, it is not powerful and not at a very low price, but its style, its compactness, its simplicity and elegance make the car unique and bought. There are people who are ardent opponents of cars, in their arguments it sounds: “This is a car from the past”, “I have a grandfather drove such a car”, “this is a car for children”, but there are ardent fans who see this, not that old-fashioned style, a novelty and a unique mix of retro with high technology. In Russia, the car has not acquired such as the example in America and Europe, but the Russians like the car, and every day, MINI Cooper sales in Russia are growing, despite the crises and inflation. Although the price of the basic version is still quite high, as for such a car! Starting price is $ 39919


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