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Mini cooper

Mini cooper 1

Dynamic, charismatic, technological Mini Cooper

Mini cooper 2

The owner of this car is a person with bright, extraordinary thinking, creative consciousness and work, and most importantly, he makes good money. And all this has to do with the owner of the third generation Mini Cooper, the legendary British little car. Although it’s difficult to call it a little car, since it is the largest car in the history of the company, its 5-door version.

The most important task for designers is always, when moving from one generation to another, to maintain recognition. And here the family traits are recognized immediately. You instantly, even with a cursory glance, understand – in front of you is Mini Cooper. Then the characteristic features begin. One of the most noticeable is the shape of the headlights with LED strip, which looks good in the daytime and very cool at night. The radiator grille and the entire front part are also rethought: the air intake from the bottom, the shape of the fog lamps. One of the main tasks facing the designers was to give the car an aggressive look so that even the regular version of the car looked as cool as the charged with the letters “S” or even the hottest version of “John Cooper Works”. If looking into the “face” of this car, you can immediately say that we have a Mini Cooper, then the person behind us is at a loss, because the additional rear doors create a feeling of breaking in reality. There are not many changes in the stern. The recognizable shape of the lanterns, although with a redesigned configuration and architecture, has slightly changed the boot lid, as well as the rear bumper.

All Mini owners are already accustomed to the fact that the minimum electrical equipment is the norm for this car. As a rule, these are all mechanical settings. And this instance is no exception. Despite the fact that there is a button for opening the trunk on the key fob, pressing it only causes the lock to snap off, and the trunk itself needs to be opened by hand. At first glance, the dry numbers do not look impressive, only 278 liters of luggage space. In fact, for a car of such dimensions, it is quite enough due to the presence of a double floor. If you need to transfer oversized cargo, the back of the rear sofa can be expanded in the ratio of 40 to 60, and the volume will immediately increase to 941 liters of free space.

Considering the 5-seater version of the Mini, you definitely need to find out what it feels like to get on the rear sofa through separate doors. The microscopic doorway for rear passengers immediately attracts attention. Legroom is minimally sufficient, but well, legs can be run deep under the front seat. Getting out of a car is even more difficult than getting into it. Sitting in the front seat of the Mini Cooper is definitely much more convenient, although the doorway here is not very large, so when landing, a tall person needs to take care of his head. The dashboard architecture remains the same. In general terms, the same large “window” in which the speedometer used to be. Now the speedometer has taken its natural place – at the wheel on the steering column.

A bright car is simply obliged to move brightly and charismatically in space. The most affordable version of the Mini Cooper, despite its modest technical specifications – an engine of 1.5 liters and 136 horsepower – picks up the first hundred in 8 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 210 kilometers per hour, while consuming about 6 liters of fuel in urban mode.

Since the first Mini saw the light in 1959, its length has increased by exactly a meter. And now it is 3982 millimeters. The comfortable armrest function in this car is perhaps important only when you are standing in a traffic jam or at a traffic light, when you can not actively hold the steering wheel with your hands, it even interferes with the movement. Although in this Mini, the special charm is that you always hold the steering wheel with two hands, because it is tight, elastic, moderately heavy, very informative with good feedback, with reactivity and a pronounced “zero”. I must say that a very sports car passes bumps and, in general, copes with them much better than any other version of the Mini. But, nevertheless, when you see a speed bump on the road, every time you remember that Mini is driving. Very pronounced lateral support not only the back, but also the seat cushions. So pronounced that you rest against your hips constantly, when traveling long distances, you have to constantly go out and stretch your legs. This Mini shared the platform with another interesting car from BMW – the second series of Active Tourer – the first front-wheel drive BMW, a co-platform of this Mini Cooper. Almost all electronic assistants and all electronic assistants came from him. The most important one is the projection screen, which displays the main indicators of movement, speed, the sign in the coverage area of ​​which you are located, the readings of navigation and multimedia systems. But unlike BMW, in Mini, the projection screen is not implanted in the windshield, but is a separate transparent panel, which can be removed if necessary. This little car definitely entertains you when you look at it from the side and when you eat in it, and when you are in a traffic jam. For example, if you adjust the climate temperature in the cabin by rotating the corresponding “washer” around the central screen, a backlight appears in blue and red in the style of an air conditioner. The parking assistant also works flawlessly. Everything that happens can be monitored on the screen through the rear view camera.

How dynamic can be a weak, but at the same time the longest Mini? The answer is unequivocal – very dynamic. The benefit is that it has a short base and precise steering. This will give you joy if you decide to treat yourself to this little gambling little car. When maneuvering, you can actively use the hand brake. What is amazing is that the engine has no power dips. Mini is just fine.

When it was mentioned at the beginning that the person who owns the Mini should also be wealthy, this meant the cost of this little car. The simplest version with an automatic transmission is estimated at 1,200,000 rubles. But, to be honest, to find in “B” class a car that would give so many emotions and at the same time be stylish, exotic, incredibly charismatic and technological in German.

In this segment, Mini is rightfully worthy, one of the leading places. But most importantly, most, if not all owners of these cars use it simply as an urban “hatchback”, not even suspecting what is hidden under the iron skin of this truly living creature.


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