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Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX 1

Without keyword

The customer is always right

In our car service, there has long been an unshakable rule: “The customer is always right!” You twist a finger at the temple?

Not. We really have a “customer is always right”, but with a few mutual reservations. For example, when a customer buys and brings some kind of spare part and asks to install it. Why not? Easily.

But with the obligatory caveat: “If something is wrong with the spare part you brought, for example, it does not fit, then you pay the cost of the work.” That is, “put and remove back.” Customers nod their heads, they are sure that this beautiful and shiny contraption will fit for sure!

And so it happened: the owner of the Mitsubishi ASX at some point became dissatisfied with his head unit. I went to the market, where he liked an inexpensive and very beautiful radio: “I take it! Wrap it up”.

He brings. He says that “I want to put in place of the standard one, it hurts ugly. And this look is so colorful and smart! Put it please”.

No problem. Why not? For his money, of course. And, having experience in such matters, they stipulated that “if it does not fit …”. The client nodded, saying, how can she not fit, people did it responsibly, and moreover, all the connectors are suitable, I was interested in the seller.

“Take-off,” with a certain knack, is a simple matter. Moreover, the client was a longtime acquaintance: once I set him cruise control. A man bought a steering wheel with buttons, keys, and I activated this cruise control through OpenPort and registered it in the control unit.

The client liked this work. Therefore, he had no doubt that replacing the head unit with another, more beautiful one, would be just as quick and painless. The old radio tape recorder is removed and put aside. Indeed, it looks somehow simple and does not look at all with such a tricky steering wheel …

The new radio tape recorder stood up like a native, nothing needs to be soldered and wise – the connectors clicked “in a native way”.

Mitsubishi ASX 2

I turn the ignition key and puzzled freeze over the dashboard: what kind of fun is this? “Color music” begins on the dashboard, the dashboard decided to demonstrate everything that it has:
– the car doors were closed, he deliberately looked around to see, and the instrument panel stubbornly said with an icon on the panel: “The door is open!” … “The trunk is open!” … “The temperature is above normal!” … etc …

In addition, MUT3 also began to swear: “Error on CAN bus B!”.
Well, in this case, even “you don’t need to go to the grandmother”, it is clear that this color music began after the radio was reinstalled.

I didn’t get into the circuitry of this “funny” radio tape recorder, I once understood one thing: as a result of this incomprehensible Chinese assembly or circuitry, the new radio tape recorder began to successfully “put on itself” the CAN bus. And not a single unit tied to the bus could receive or send information.

As you know, the CAN bus was invented in order to interconnect actuators, sensors, to combat interference, etc. Below is a general outline.

And now look at the informative area in which our radio was located, what it could influence, and why the control panel “went crazy” (the audio system in the center on the screen below):

And while the car is running, they (CAN units) are constantly “talking” to each other. And when the “gag” occurs, as in our case, the CAN bus starts to go crazy. And it’s lucky that the CAN system reacted so softly. Could be worse?

As a result, he told the client that “either you drive with this color music on the dashboard, or I return everything to its place and you still have the old radio tape recorder.” The client, of course, was saddened, but agreed to return everything to its place, as it was.

Now remember what you said at the very beginning about the fact that “the client is always right.” Yes, right, but with reservations. And now imagine that I would start to defend my innocence on the honestly earned ruble later, when it turned out that this miracle radio tape recorder refused to cooperate with the car. The sane client would not even argue. However, are all our customers like that?


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