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Mitsubishi Colt (2005)

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 1

Without keyword

2005 Mitsubishi Colt car. He came to our car service with a problem: “It somehow incomprehensibly works … poor throttle response, startles …”.
The client asked me to do a “comprehensive motor diagnostics,” because he was not happy with the engine.

It’s not a question, as they say: did a “check in a circle”, determined that the candles needed to be replaced – replaced and performed other mandatory technical operations for these symptoms.

When I inspected, I caught on the side vision that there was no fender on the car. Moreover, the fender “front-left”.

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 2

Front Left Fender Lock (Around the Wheel).

And it immediately bothered: just in the same area in the engine compartment is the engine control unit.

I know from experience that if there is no this wheel arch liner, or there is a “wheel arch liner, but there is no hatch,” then dirt from under the wheels (dirt, snow and this incomprehensible mixture that is poured onto our Moscow roads), all this safely gets inside the engine compartment and, consequently, to the control unit.

Sometimes even to the point that the block corrupted outright (not instantly, naturally, but gradually).

After replacing the spark plugs and carrying out other standard preventive maintenance, the engine began to work correctly, without jerking and failures when speeding.
The work is done.

The work is finished – it seems to be, but … I don’t know what others are doing, but I decided to exert myself and bend over, remove the control unit and look at it.
Agree: unnecessary work! The client did not request this. And why then climbed?
I will say this: if I left the control unit without inspection, then inside myself it would be uncomfortable. There is such a condition.
And you know, my guess turned out to be accurate!
Let’s look at the photo, which shows the already taken control unit:

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 3

You yourself can make sure that there is NO one pin at the top and left.
As they say, “he stupidly rotted and fell off”.

And why, then, the motor and other engine systems continued to work without complaints?

This pin practically does not affect the operation of the motor, the pin is needed for programming the control unit in “boot mode” (when voltage appears on this pin, the control unit enters the reprogramming mode). I will give, by the way, its name:

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 4

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 5

The rotten pin is 136 contact.

And in conclusion, a few words.
He did his work, eliminated all minor faults that upset the client and prevented the motor from working.
But then he spent some more time to remove the control unit, examine it, detect a rotten pin and warn the car owner that if he updates the control unit software, then there may be problems. What kind of problems – showed rotten pin, without which reprogramming on the K-line would be impossible.

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 6

Keywords: “free”, “spent extra time”.
HUGE question: why and why?
Customer requested?
No, I didn’t ask.
This rotten pin affected the operation of the motor?
No, I didn’t.
Then why?
Is this some kind of “charity” at the expense of your pocket and your time?
The client, by the way, also tensed up when I began to study the control unit, saying that he did not order this and will not pay for this work.

No need to pay.
This was done exclusively for my personal statistics and personal experience..
Now I am fully convinced that on this car, this year of release on the control unit, there may be problems associated with bending pins.

However, not only on this car. Follow the thought?
Thank God, as they say, that this rotten pin can not affect the operation of the motor. And if he drove off another pin, for example, the 108th, 133rd or some other, which affects the operation of the motor and its systems?

Mitsubishi Colt (2005) 7

Therefore, I immediately want to voice the MEMO TO OWNERS of Mitsubishi Colt cars manufactured in 2005:
– went to nature, returned – do not be too lazy to bend over and look: is the fender and hatch in place?
– During the rainy season and winter, check regularly for the wing and hatch
– if you wash the car, then after washing do not be too lazy to take a flashlight, bend over and carefully examine the condition of the fender: if there are cracks, chips, etc. – Immediately eliminate, put off all your affairs and urgently look for these small but very necessary parts of your car on auto-dismantling.
These simple rules can save you time and money..


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