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Mitsubishi fuso

Mitsubishi fuso 1

Without keyword

After repairing this car, a habit appeared: when I drive a similar car into a box, I step aside, sit down and look under the body: “Is everything in place?” … and don’t have to smile, now I’ll tell you a rather amazing and funny case, I’ll be glad if this history will help someone in their work. So listen.

The call. Well, you yourself know, it’s always difficult to talk with customers, they are far from technics, therefore, after hearing a list of malfunctions (lack of air flow signal, incorrect readings of the coolant sensor, malfunction of the recirculation valve), he immediately specified:
– Specifically, what bothers you?

And I heard a very interesting story. It turned out that the car was recently bought in the city of Bryansk and immediately drove south towards Rostov. I arrived at Rostov, but I didn’t get back. Because it broke. They found a car service, drove it, checked it, it turned out that it was necessary to change the fuel pump, nozzles and something else on the little things. Changed. And somehow the truck got to his native parking lot.

What else surprised the owner of the car:
– But we all set a new one.
– And the new EGR valve?
That’s cool at its cost. Interested in:
– Erase errors and what’s next?
– And then they reappear.
– Well then come see.
– No, we’ll better bring her in – if you go, you need to change the nozzles again.
– Damn, how do you drive?
– And so we go: we have to go – we change the nozzles, the emergency pressure relief sensor, sometimes we change the fuel pump and drive. But after 15-20 kilometers the car stops working again.
After 15-20 kilometers to change? Said nothing. This makes no sense. They’re either too rich, or “it’s not clear what” … if they can afford such replacement parts, well, they will drag them in – we’ll see.

Vehicle inspection and conclusions

Mitsubishi fuso 2

An ordinary truck, an ordinary motor, a malfunction somewhere inside – where to start looking for a malfunction?

He began to inspect the car, naturally, he didn’t find anything (what was he looking for, I wonder?), Then he went off to prepare the scanner for work and stopped. Something was wrong. That happens, right? Everything seems to be normal, but some splinter remains in my memory, which stops and makes me return.
He returned, examined everything again: “well, right! Here’s what got it! ”, See photo:

Mitsubishi fuso 3

What is in the photo, why did he return and examine everything again? And see for yourself: is there a frame? There is. Is there a body on top? There is. Do you have fuel pipes? There is. What not?
No fuel filter.
And instead of the fuel filter there is such a thing:

Mitsubishi fuso 4

This is some kind of primitive “separator-water separator”, and even with a pear for pumping fuel. And where is the fuel filter? NO fuel filter …
I will not arrange educational program, I will just give a standard scheme (this is for 6 cylinders):

Mitsubishi fuso 5

Bottom right: fuel tank. Next, look at the arrows “B”: fuel filter, fuel pump and further on the nozzles.
In our case, the fuel filter was absent as a class; instead, some craftsmen set it unclear what kind of “filter-moisture separator”, which, of course, did not clean the fuel in any way. And all the dirt from the fuel tank safely got into the fuel pump and nozzles.
In addition, the cork of this fuel tank was very surprised:

Mitsubishi fuso 6

Or a little closer:

The glove sticks out as a monument to stupidity or spitting. After reading the glove, I just ran out of words. What is the 21st century? It’s the same as the simplest one: when buying a car, not only start it and enjoy the low rumbling sound of the engine, but at least check it a little and inspect it!
There are no words.
Naturally, what endurance of the fuel pump, which they already managed to change a couple of times, what endurance of the injectors, which also managed to change two times in a circle in the kit, we can talk?
Dear owners of such cars, “Never buy trucks without a thorough technical inspection!”.
Our car service does not yet have such a service as “inspecting the car before or after the purchase,” but we will think about it. However, there are such car services with similar services somewhere?
And as for the fuel filter, I can’t help but say: “Watch carefully what you are buying!” Do not buy in car stalls on the side of the road, the avaricious pays twice, you know. I will give an example of the original fuel filter for Mitsubishi Fuso:

Mitsubishi fuso 7

Mitsubishi fuso 8

It seems to be such a simple thing – a fuel filter! And therefore, probably, few people pay attention to him, and even more so never follow his “mileage” – how much time he costs by car, how much he worked and whether it is time to change it. And to the diesel fuel filter, by the way, much greater demands are made than to the fuel filter for gasoline engines – what is the injection pressure here? Increased. This is why, according to the ISO / TR standard, a diesel engine fuel filter must retain between 70 and 95% of microparticles ranging in size from 3 to 5 microns. Imagine the size? It is almost a “nanoworld”.

If you read this text, then you most likely live in Russia. Why did you say that? To fuel, dear, to our diesel fuel, in which, in addition to dirt, water and some other external impurities are also possible. Are you really surprised? Yes, there is water in the solarium. Where more, where less, but it is. And water is a diesel killer. What to do? Exactly: this duty is also assigned to the fuel filter. According to ISO 4020, the fuel filter must retain at least 93% of the water. For this, the principle of coalescence works inside the fuel filter ( 81% D1% 86% D0% B5% D0% BD% D1% 86% D0% B8% D1% 8F). Water after separation inside the fuel filter falls into the lower part of the filter, when the permissible level is exceeded, an alarm is triggered and the driver needs to get out of the driver’s seat, open the hood and drain excess water. Do not know how? Drive to your auto mechanic, he will show.

It seems to be the simplest thing, this fuel filter! And someone can say, they say, why so many words, everything is clear here and so.
All clear? This, perhaps, is clear to you, but some managed to go broke and knock themselves on the head: “Damn it, here I am a fool …”. And it is to them that this material is addressed. Let a lot of words about the “simplest”, let it be a little funny, sad, and so on … but if this article makes at least one or two people avoid this danger – I will be glad. For that I wrote a lot of words about the simplest.

A diesel car is a wonderful thing. Everyone is good, and will serve for a long time – if you treat the diesel a little more closely.


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