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Mitsubishi Galant (2

Mitsubishi Galant (2 1

Without keyword

DTC P0304 * “Injector Test Option” MITSUBISHI GALANT

Not always causing a trouble code * P0304 * Cylinder 4 misfire detected * there are problems in the ignition system.

Mitsubishi Galant (2 2

Mitsubishi Galant, 2.4 liter, “American” entered the diagnostic procedure with a burning “CHECK” on the instrument panel and such customer complaints:

“The car shakes as if idling”.

– ignition system OK

– the vacuum test is normal

– compression is normal

But the “nozzle balance” showed the difference in nozzle performance …

The most faithful would be to remove the nozzles, put on a stand and check each for their performance.

But when there is no stand (under repair, as we had at this moment), or if it doesn’t exist at all, then this question can be solved in another way.

That is: “Check the injectors for performance without removing the injectors from the engine”.

Here, too, there are several verification options, but I will focus on one thing, IMHO:

What we do: remove the connector, connect the manometer, with the help of the scanner we “catch up” the pressure to the required limit:

Mitsubishi Galant (2 3
Mitsubishi Galant (2 4

To control the nozzle, one of my self-made devices is connected. (they really make life easier and help with the diagnosis):

Mitsubishi Galant (2 5
Mitsubishi Galant (2 6

Now we can adjust the duty cycle of the pulses in the range we need. According to the pressure drop, I determined on which cylinder the performance is worse.

Mitsubishi Galant (2 7
Mitsubishi Galant (2 8

And if: “Compression is normal, vacuum is normal, it doesn’t suck anywhere, everything rests against this nozzle”.

Injector balance showed a performance difference of about 8% (drop to 2.45 bar – “good” and 2.65 bar – “clogged”) (at a rate of 3-5%).

After replacing the nozzle, the engine began to work stably, trouble codes no longer appeared.

This method of determining nozzle clogging can be criticized, but on the danny moment he was the only and faithful one, helped solve the problem and “go out” to the cause of the trouble code * P0304 * Cylinder 4 misfire detected *

Mikhail Evgenievich
Car service “VTS”
st. Suzdal 9
You can call during business hours:


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