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Mitsubishi Galant (2001)

Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 1

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Car Diagnostics: “Tools for Work” (2001 Mitsubishi Galant)

Car Mitsubishi Galant, “American”, the release of the early 2000s …
The machine is not new and we can assume that it has already departed its term and has begun to “hurt” regularly, -)
As you know, the client has become “regular”.

And this time I came with such a complaint:
– there is no throttle response, it’s stupid, an incomprehensible hiss is heard from under the hood … probably, it’s time to change the gearbox.

The client, in fact, has already diagnosed. But is it true? And where does the gearbox … a riddle.
The sound from under the hood guarded – “hissing”.
When the hood opened, the sound was localized. The gearbox, in any case, is not to blame for this sound.

The initial inspection made it possible to find out the specific reason for this strange sound, it is a “catac collector”, let’s call it so, it is in the photo on the right.

Without particularly looking, you can see cracks in it and assume that the reason for hissing is.

However, this is not a cause, but a consequence, because the cause itself lies inside this device.
This is the catalyst itself..

It has two names: “Catalytic Converter or Catalytic Converter”.
It is designed to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atomosphere..

Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 2

In terms of their design, the catalysts differ in the type of cleaner used – it can be a ceramic block with honeycombs or a block of metal tape.
It is said that the ceramic catalyst is less durable and “a gentle blow to the stone on the road is enough for the catalyst to crumble.” Not sure. So far this has not happened.
In my opinion, the most common reasons for the failure of the catalyst may be the following reasons:
• malfunctions in the car ignition system: when a cylinder does not work or works intermittently, unburned fuel enters the catalyst and burns out there. Thus, ceramic honeycombs are melted, which leads to obstruction of exhaust gases
• very long engine idling
• low-quality gasoline
• engine oil or antifreeze entering the combustion chamber
• incorrect composition of the fuel-air mixture

YOUTUBE has a lot of video information on this subject. I can recommend watching these videos, from which you can understand the device, manufacture and operation of the catalytic converter (frames from the film):

Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 3

As can be seen from photo 1, it is impossible to consider the state of the catalyst. Bending channels interfere.
But for this there is a device – an endoscope. It was purchased on the ebay portal for just 1,500 rubles with our money. Although it’s Chinese, I personally have enough of its capabilities not to chase expensive endoscopes for $ 400 and above. In my opinion, the device should be able to do the basic thing – “look at inaccessible places”, and its beautiful packaging, bright stickers, brand, etc., “advertising moves” that increase the cost of the device – this is unnecessary.
Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 4

In photo 2 you can see and understand the malfunction: the catalyst cells are clogged, melted and cannot fully fulfill their original purpose..

Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 5

Conclusion: replacement. There is no point in buying a new one, but the client has found “its channels” in order to acquire a used one. But how to determine his condition? And here again the endoscope came in handy: in order to verify the serviceability of the purchased catalyst, you need to look at its filling. It’s just that you can’t do it, it turned out only through the endoscope, – photo on the right.

In civilized automobile countries, there is a strict rule: catalysts change after a certain number of kilometers. From an environmental point of view, this is correct. But as with us with this question, you know – “until the roasted cock pecks” ,-)

Mitsubishi Galant (2001) 6

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