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Mitsubishi Galant IX

Mitsubishi Galant IX 1

Without keyword

Brought on a tow truck: “Doesn’t start”.
I ask and clarify: “For no reason, for nothing stopped starting up, or was some work being done?”.
Exactly. It turned out that before this, some car body work was carried out on the car, the car was in an accident. No more information than the only one: “Tried to start – does not start.” Then sad: “Many have tried.”.
Well, enough for the initial push.

Since the machine is profile, you need to watch it with the “correct” MUT3 scanner. What I wanted to find out: see the communication between the control units.

And it turned out that there is a problem with the engine control unit: no unit can contact him.

Now there is enough information to go to the “heavy artillery”, to the oscilloscope, you need to clearly see what is happening, and for what reasons there is no connection. I connect, I look: when the ignition is turned on, there is no CAN poll, no answer, no code messages, silence. And this explains everything: in this state of affairs the engine will not start, he does not even know that they are trying to start it.

Mitsubishi Galant IX 2

And on the one hand, it pleases: there is something to think about and where to stretch the brains: “An intermediate negative result only pushes forward!”.
And now a few words about the benefits of the Motordat program: if you need to find a scheme very quickly and think it over, then this is done in a couple of mouse clicks:

Mitsubishi Galant IX 3

What do you think, for what reason showed this scheme? Yes, I highlighted in red and bold the color needed for my story?

Yes, because there is a certain charm to profile for certain brands of cars: many years of studying them allows you to create in your head a certain “library of typical faults”.

Here, too, such a malfunction?
No, it’s not “also”, but “similar”, but this is a definite kick for turning thoughts in the right direction.

What I mean: before the control unit, the Kan-bus signal passes “draft” through the ABS system control unit. Without knowing this feature, you can indefinitely look for a similar or other malfunction.

That’s why quick (I emphasize!) I opened the circuit in Motordat, looked and made sure that the memory does not fail. Here’s what happens: if you remove the connector from the ABS, or if the ABS unit is faulty, then there is a high probability that the car will not start. Such an original specificity on similar Galant.

I check. I’m calling I make sure that the wiring itself is intact, and the malfunction can be hidden directly in the ABS unit.

But since the initial task is to start the engine, I’m starting to “farm” a little, but this is not scary at this stage, because the main thing here is to check your assumption. To do this, I make temporary jumpers on the connector:

Mitsubishi Galant IX 4

And it all started to work out. The control unit began to receive code parcels on the Kan-bus:

Mitsubishi Galant IX 5

The next step is to specify the malfunction: WHAT specifically failed?

I carry out checks and make sure that the malfunction lies in the ABS unit itself, most likely, during the accident there was a certain “internal break”, as a result of which the signals stopped passing through the unit in transit and caused the “engine will not start” malfunction.

Mitsubishi Galant IX 6

Mitsubishi Galant IX 7

And now step by step, verification and critical: “What did the right thing and what could not be done”.

Conversation with customer.
A prerequisite is necessary, since if you build the conversation correctly, you can find out and identify such “trifles” that will come up with a solution to the problem.

Scanner check.
Prerequisite: the machine is profile, the scanner must contact and show the errors. If you suddenly didn’t show, it’s also good, as it gives a push in the right direction.

Motordata scheme.
Required condition. To do this, you must be able to “read” the circuit and understand all the notations that the circuit provides. The key word here is “scheme”, not necessarily the Motordat program, it’s just more convenient for me to work in it, since it is fast and clear.

Comparison, analysis, juxtaposition.
At this point in the diagnosis, turn on the head and pull out from it the “typical malfunctions.” It is quite simple with some work experience. If there is no such experience, then here is a tangle of “typical malfunctions” to help you:
Hammer in the search bar, and look, for example:
“Every car and every manufacturer has cars that have so-called” typical malfunctions. “That is, these are malfunctions that are repeated on every second car (plus or minus).”
“Typical malfunctions of car units are considered, the main methods for their elimination are given.”
“Typical malfunctions of a hybrid Estima in a 10 body are no longer a secret for all owners for a long time. Practically EVERYTHING breaks down and crashes in it. Starting from the VVB and ending with the inverter, that is, from the” tip of the nose to the tail “there is not a single reliable node” https : //
And so on, in short: “Search for help to you.” Or here, or somewhere else.

Oscilloscope Verification.
The same condition is mandatory: you need to make sure your assumption is accurate so as not to produce unnecessary actions and waste your precious time, since the importance of the formula “Time = Money” has not been canceled and will never be canceled.

Video about the work done:


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