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Mitsubishi galant

Mitsubishi galant 1

Without keyword

“It’s not sugar to do car air conditioning repair!”, I once read at a forum. Well, that person is right. Before you get to any node, you need to unscrew a lot of things, remove, disassemble, in short, “mother do not grieve”.

The client was an advanced person, he immediately exposed his version of the malfunction: “The thrust of the actuator of the damper flied.” And why is she? Interestingly, tell me … it turned out this: not immediately, but gradually it became more and more difficult to regulate the “warm-cold” position. A person puts “warmth”, but it is not set. Moreover, somewhere below, near the passenger’s foot, something starts to shuffle, scrape, and grunt – as if a small mouse started up there. And the result is as follows:
– I hear how the drive motor works, but the heat does not go. And if the drive motor works, but there is no heat, then the drive simply does not open the shutter.

Logically, everything is correct. But you still have to disassemble. And he took up this:

And if you look at the photo more closely, you will see that there isn’t so much to disassemble, the main thing is to understand the sequence of what goes when disassembling, and then when assembling.

Looked .. Well, we have “blinking, biting, grunting and blinking” somewhere inside the actuator. At the same time I looked at the contacts. Everything is fine here and no complaints:

Mitsubishi galant 2

I got to the actuator. All traction and levers in place, nothing flew!

Outwardly – no complaints, everything is clean, neat. Well, it’s necessary to disassemble. He carefully opened, looked, at first glance, nothing criminal:

But “there is no smoke without fire”, we know this, therefore I look more closely and find the reason for “shorking”:

Plastic gear. See her missing one tooth? This was the cause of the malfunction. Well, this has already happened, and then I got out of the situation by changing the sector of the work of two gears. Will it be possible to do the same here?

I tried it. Did not work out. And so I tried, and so – it did not work. Sectors do not match and that’s it. Well, send the client to look for a new actuator?

He raised his head, looked outside: it was cold, the wind was driving snow, and the client was coming and going from me. Well, where will he go in a cold car? And especially asks to do “at least somehow, so that it is warm …”.

I thought: “But what if you try to contrive and …”. He looked at his watch. There is time, evening, on the plan of cars for repairs there is no more, if you concentrate, then you can try to fix the situation in a very simple way …

Yes, to deal with the “correction of errors” now, in our time, when you can buy almost any part in a store or at a dismantling – does it make sense? But the man asked. Yes, and train your brains and hands does not hurt. And he solved the problem in this simple way:

The photo above is my solution to the problem. I must say right away that this was done temporarily, you can’t drive with it all the time, but to get to the place and then replace the defective part – why not?

This is an ordinary paper clip. Of course, I had to turn on my brain a little. He drilled a hole with a thin drill, where he inserted one end of a paper clip. The second end was wrapped around an axis. It turned out two points of attachment, a completely reliable solution (temporary, I repeat again).

In the photo below you can see the mount on the other side. No, normally done and “temporarily reliable”.

Done. Showed to the client. He said several times, warned that “he did as requested, but it’s all temporary, will it all have to be removed and replaced with a new actuator, have you agreed? And what’s more, the main thing: I don’t give guarantees for my work. I did it just for that so that you don’t freeze. Will it hold on? It will. But, I repeat, without a guarantee. As requested … “.

You cannot work in a car service without fiction. Someone will say that it is economically unprofitable to do this, you can’t earn money, and you can rake up your problems to the fullest, do not scoop up – yes, I agree! But I was inspired by such a desire to check my “engineering thought” once again, wasn’t I stiff in constant communication with scanners and other electronics? And as it turned out, no, not stiff, the thought was still alive. What I wish you.

I met this client about a month later. Say hello. Well, I asked, they replaced the actuator, put a new one, how the stove is working now?

The answer surprised:
– Changed nothing! Everything works just fine.
– Well, you know what was done temporarily? And I didn’t give a guarantee, remember? It can break at any time.
– I’m happy with that anyway.

Well, the master, as they say, is a master. And I am pleased that I managed to train my brains, apply a non-standard solution and make this actuator work. Useful. I am sure.


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