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Mitsubishi L200 2012

Mitsubishi L200 2012 1

Without keyword

I’ll tell an interesting story about the causes of malfunctions in cars.

If you do not know, then I can say that the vast majority of malfunctions arise due to the so-called “human factor”, and if it is easier to say, then “the person conducting the diagnostics or repair temporarily dulled and made a mistake”.

If “blunted temporarily” – it’s still good, it’s bad when it happens: mistakes are constantly poured from the hands of some auto specialist, as a result of which he begins to lose customers, and car owners get problems for many months to come.

For some reason, this is great for other car services, they will be provided with work constantly. So one day a client came to our car service with a problem: “Information on the“ 2 ”and“ L ”modes has ceased to be displayed on the instrument panel. The client engages these programs, but nothing is displayed on the instrument panel.

On a car, all malfunctions that occur have a “life story”.
The owner of the car is an important source of information, his story is the “source” for the initial auto-diagnosis.

So it is here:
– And what did they do on the machine before the malfunction?
It is important here not to dwell on the client’s response “They did nothing”, it is necessary to help a person enter his memory deeper, even a few months ago.
– They did nothing. Good. A month ago? Two months, half a year ago – was there any repair on your car?

And the client recalls that many months ago, when the car was still under warranty, he turned to the dealer due to some problems in the gearbox. After repair, he had all the papers, checks and so on..

And this is what the dealers did: “Replaced the automatic transmission harness assembly”.

Fast forward now: “Transmissions are switched on normally, but there is no indication on the dashboard”.
Why did the client catch up so late, because after contacting the dealers a lot of time passed:
– It was simply not required to turn on these programs, but then I somehow got ready for nature, went and noticed: “There are no indications of gear inclusion”.
Further, the client had an interesting journey back to dealers.
Arrived, expressed his misunderstanding and indignation – the car was taken to the repair area and after some time the master went out and said: “It is necessary to adapt the box.” The client was surprised:
– Well, adapt, what do I have to do with it?

The waiting time dragged on slowly, then the master came out and said that “the problem arose incomprehensible”, they
– updated software
– adapted the gearbox “and so and so”
But nothing happened. The conclusion is: “It is necessary to put the car on in-depth diagnostics of the gearbox”.

The customer was surprised how dealers could not understand the cause of the malfunction.?

But there were some bewildered notes in the tone of the master, which made it possible to doubt the professionalism of this dealership and forced the car owner to search for diagnostic mechanics familiar with such a car as the Mitsubishi L200. And through some acquaintances, the owner of this car found out my address and came for diagnostics.

The initial examination allowed us to draw a thoughtful conclusion:
– Some kind of nonsense …
The client tensed up, probably thought that I, like dealers, ran into a dead end, but heard:
– Let’s watch an electrician.
I took off the left kick-panel, applied power to the connector, I look at the instrument panel: an indication appears. The client was also happy. And then I additionally pleased him:
– The problem is not in the instrument panel and I think that no in-depth diagnostics should be carried out … you need to watch the inhibitor on the box itself and the wiring …
The client again becomes discouraged and says:
– Strange you say … the wiring is brand new.
– But nothing prevents us from watching this new wiring?
I pick up the car on the lift, climb under the car and begin to inspect. And here is what I see:

Mitsubishi L200 2012 2

Take a closer look, you see two free pins on the connector?
Now it’s hard to understand the meaning of the malfunction (two pins … so what?), Watch the video and everything will become clear:

We are nowhere and will never get away from the mistakes that the “human factor” creates, we have already talked about this:
The Human Factor and Car Wiring – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
We talked about this and, alas, we will talk for a long time.
People tend to make mistakes, regardless of what kind of car service they work in, dealership, or in the “garage”.
The main thing is that these errors do not turn into a normal working condition.


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