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Mitsubishi L200 – pickup with a tough character

Mitsubishi L200 - pickup with a tough character 1

Mitsubishi L200 – pickup with a tough character

Mitsubishi L200 - pickup with a tough character 2

The legends in the automotive world are diverse. There are fantastic SUVs with an excellent background, for example, Toyota Land Cruiser in various body styles, still hovering in all corners of the planet, although judging by the documents, their life should have ended already twice.

There are AvtoVAZ’s legendary products, which make their owners spend a lot of effort to keep the car in shape, while at the same time servicing these cars costs literally a dime. And there are such legends as the Mitsubishi L200, a pickup truck, which no one has been able to create better since 1978.

This car has earned the title of the best automotive pickup in the world because it has excellent utilitarian properties. Immediately at first glance, you can understand that this kind of car is designed for convenient trips on almost any type of road. Off-road is the element of this car, as evidenced by the remarkable ground clearance, which is more than 23 centimeters, large wheels, as well as a long-stroke suspension. The fact that the car is designed to perform useful work, and not for empty spending time, is confirmed by the interior of the L200. Strict, without any frills, but at the same time in calm tones, he does not dispose of frivolous trips. There are no frills on the front panel. It contains the standard and familiar to all motorists tachometer, speedometer, engine temperature gauge, as well as the fuel level in the tank. In some versions, an additional instrument cluster is installed that provides comfortable driving in off-road conditions: roll measure, outdoor air temperature gauge, as well as battery charge level.

All drivers acknowledge that the L200 gear lever works perfectly, without any malfunction, and the hand rests on the lever like a glove. A convenient advantage of the manual transmission is the ability to switch the operating modes of the chassis. The driver can choose either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, as well as a drive with a lowering row. The most important thing in a pickup truck is the cargo compartment. And the L200 does not deceive expectations. Rigid side walls are complemented by a hinged tailgate. This allows the driver to transport oversized items along the length. An attractive moment in this pickup is the factory treatment with the anticorrosive composition of the underbody, as well as inaccessible body cavities. Powerful crankcase guarantees car reliability on the toughest roads.


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