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Mitsubishi Lancer 10

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 1

Without keyword

The motor did not start for such an amazing social reason that after fixing the malfunction, I decided that I had to tell my colleagues about it: it’s not often in our lives that the “non-intersecting” intersects, I haven’t even read about it. But to know this is a must for everyone, especially for car owners. So let’s go …

A man calls, says that he needs to “see what kind of problem is with the immobilizer” (you’re also used to the fact that many customers are so good at understanding the design of their cars that they immediately offer auto mechanics to look at a specific one: an ignition coil or a wheel pressure sensor, an immobilizer or a rear window motor – they know everything in advance, they would do everything themselves, yes once, probably?).

I heard. But I insist and suggest that the client tell me about sympathomatics, and I myself will decide what the problem is, in immo or not in immo.

The client told. Only it turned out not symptomatology, but a fascinating life story: “The motor began to eat oil. The car was taken to the minder who carried out in-depth diagnostics and assured that he would do everything. He disassembled the engine and …”.
Then comes the incomprehensible: the minder said that “I will not collect the motor back to you”.
The client was inexplicably surprised: “How so? We agreed that you will do all the work to the end”.
The motorist replied that “… I don’t know anything, you will pay me for disassembling the motor and pick up your car”.
The client continued to persist: “No, no, come on: you promised to fix the problem: replace the rings, see what is the reason for the increased oil consumption … and instead do half the work – and what quality is unknown, and you offer me to pay for this?”.
The minder nodded.
Client: “Well, no, it won’t work, let’s do it this way: if you do your job to a victorious end, fix a malfunction, I will pay. If not, what’s the conversation then?”.
Motorist: “No! Pay me for the disassembly and go to the edges”.
Client: “In this case, we will not pay you anything”.
Motorist: “Well, well … do not want something good, then it will be different …”.
Client: “And we will arrive at the car tomorrow”.
It is tomorrow. The client came to pick up the car, walked around, looked, everything seems to be in place, there is no sight from the minder.
And the minder himself smirks and says: “Take it away! But only you will never get it – you had to pay me!”.

N-yes … this is the story! I have never encountered anything like it! He specified where this car service was, it turned out that in Moscow. However, why specify: good and bad people live everywhere. And the client continued: “Some wires are hanging under the steering wheel. So I thought that this master stole it from me – that’s why the car will not start”.
– Stop, which connectors? What wires?
– One is white, the second is kind of gray … hang, hang out …
– Interesting … take off the pictures, I’ll see.
A photo came on the phone, looked, phoned the client, reassured: “This is not an immobilizer, you have it in another place, it is still unknown what. In short, drag the car, I will understand”.

The tow truck brought a car. Unloaded, pushed, began to watch. And the client still remembered that after the first minder, he drove the car to another minder, who still dismantled it, assembled it and started it – it won’t start. After rechecking, minder-2 concluded that “everything is in order with the mechanics – everything is checked and rechecked, there is a problem with electrics or electronics, everything is clear from my side”.

It’s clear, I check, I note that everything is in order with the immo, there are no errors on it, and there are no errors on other important functions.
What it is: nozzles do not work out, coils do not work, it feels like there is no crankshaft sensor.
But there is no error on the sensor. I think that maybe minder-1 specifically set the sensor on fire or put a broken crankshaft sensor?
I pull out the sensor, check – everything is fine, everything is working.
I connect the oscilloscope, I look – there are no pulses.

The malfunction is extraordinary! Here you need to turn on the brain – turn on.
And as it turned out, everything is “stupidly banal and stupidly simple”, not that smart that mechanic-1 …
Below I will show the options for possible malfunctions – you can choose the one that seems most probable to you.

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 2

Option 2.

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 3

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 4

And if you haven’t chosen anything, then some points of this repair can be viewed on my video:


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