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Mitsubishi Lancer 9

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 1

Without keyword

True and false search path

I have long understood: do not complicate the already difficult task of diagnosing a car. Itself once began the search for a malfunction with the most difficult, because it seemed that the malfunction was there – “in complexity.” But in fact it turned out the opposite. As a result, increased troubleshooting time. But the more he was engaged in diagnostics and repair, the more often he recalled the words from the joke: “Learn the materiel!”. Gold words.

Let me give you a simple example: a Mitsubishi lancer car. The car got into repair with a rather strange defect: “When you turn on the ignition, the wipers immediately start working.”. The car, as can be seen in the photo, is not the first freshness and groomed.

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 2

And since our car service specializes specifically in Mitsubishi and Toyota, I took up the matter with pleasure (they say, we swam – we know. Right now we’ll fix everything quickly). But in reality it turned out differently.

Where do we start the diagnosis, remember? “First we find the area of ​​malfunction. We narrow the area to the city, then to the apartment, then we knock:“ Hello, malfunction! ”.

What do we have? Do the wipers start working right away? Well, what is responsible for the wipers, which system, or is everything simple there, with one switch and that’s it?

And here comes the abbreviation ETACS. Because on all forums and sites it is spoken about in detail. If we speak colloquial and familiar language, then this is a “comfort system for the driver.” Wipers belong to it? Of course, how without them you can go in the rain or snow?

We know that the ETACS system is used to centrally manage various time and signal functions that help to improve the car’s handling and driver comfort. ETACS has an input test function that allows you to check the health of the circuit from the input switch to the microprocessor. Communication between the vehicle’s electronic systems under the control of the ETACS unit is carried out using SWS single-wire multiplex wiring (its analogue LIN bus can be found in the article on the Legion-Avtodata portal at Shina_sistemy_lin / or in the company’s book Legion Avtodata: Elektronika_v_avtomobile /).

And what is SWS multiplex wiring? This is the wiring, which allows you to transmit several signals through a single wire, which can significantly reduce weight and simplify the wiring, which on modern cars is becoming more complex due to the increase in the number of electrical devices installed on the car. The electrical circuit is designed in such a way that the operation of the main systems and devices is ensured even if the multiplexer communication system is faulty. You can read about this in an article on the Legion-Avtodata portal – “Mitsubishi Lancer 9. SWS system”

Have you read? And now you can put aside what you read. Because it is indisputable to know what an ETACS system is, but looking for a malfunction based only on what you have read is a false path, here you will go far in the search for a malfunction and will not return.

Yes, the Mitsubishi company uses the ETACS system on its cars, this system is “tied” to many end consumers, including the wipers that have a problem with this car.

However, if you do not know one important nuance, then you can kill a day to find a malfunction and achieve nothing. And the nuance is that you need to know:

At first: from what year and on which specific models (bodies) does Mitsubishi use the ETACS system, which can or cannot be configured from the passenger compartment or with the help of a dealer scanner.

Specifically, on this machine, all the basic functions of the ETACS system were sewn at the factory and had no settings (and now imagine that if you don’t know such a small nuance and try to do what the machine cannot do?).

Secondly: you need to know what Mitsubishi has done so that in the event of ETACS, SWS failure, the driver can get to the service center in any weather – in this case, wipers are needed in any.

A simple and original solution was invented for this: in the event of ETACS, SWS failure, enable the driver to control the wipers with a separate control line not tied to the above systems.

Where do I look at schemes? And where is more convenient at the moment. These can be “native” manuals, they are also always at hand, however, frankly, lately it has become more lazy for me to leaf through official manuals without any special need, since English, although familiar, somehow confuses brains, especially for the end of the working day. If you need to quickly look at some schemes or the location of some component, it is more convenient for me to open the Motordat program, (it’s fast, convenient, you don’t need to translate anything and, God forbid, get confused in the technical translation – everything is in Russian.).

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 3

Double-click and get on the mounting block:

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 4

Double-click again and get to the location:

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 5

During the inspection, studying the wiring harnesses under the hood, there was some suspicion and asked the client if the car was a bat or an accident? The answer is yes. Already good. And what can happen during the repair? (on condition that as they write in numerous technical forums: “hands should be wrested by those repairmen”).

There was an accident – the car was being restored. Something was done under the hood. Touches touched? Probably. Could you do the job of poor quality? Could. If the wipers start to work when the ignition is turned on – what can contribute to this? What did wrong?

From my previous repairs I know that on such cars there is a system for emergency switching on wipers in case of a ETACS system malfunction. And the wire – brown, should go in a bundle in the engine compartment. I carefully inspect and find:

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 6

The tourniquet frayed and oxidized. And if this happens on the surface of the tow, then inside, most likely, things are worse …

I unfasten the tourniquet, I see a malfunction, from which the wipers began to work when the ignition was turned on:

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 7

I will not indicate with an arrow, everything is visible well.

And Mitsubishi put a big plus in her karma: the company made a good and reliable backup option for turning on the wipers: the analogue method works clearly and rarely lets. And we have the cause of the malfunction again in the “human factor”.

You can watch one of the repair moments on the video:

And a few words: with the wipers off on this brown wire, the resistance should be no less than a megaom!

I hope that my false and true way to troubleshoot will help many of my colleagues?


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