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Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander

Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander 1

Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander

Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander 2

In 2003, a new representative of Mitsubishi Corporation under the name Mitsubishi Outlander appeared on the European markets. In other words, this is an ordinary SUV designed for an active and dynamic life. A distinctive feature of the model is comfort, a high level of security, excellent cross-country ability and, naturally, ease of operation. The car interior is quite spacious and comfortable. Thanks to the modified chassis of the car, a high driving speed is guaranteed. In this model, the developers made several innovations: modified the brake system and installed an aluminum roof. The salon is equipped with seven seats and two folding chairs, which are located in the underground car. Safety when moving on the road is guaranteed by the built-in Active Stability Control system, which, when critical moments occur, helps to adjust the operation of the brake system, gear changes and all-wheel drive. And these are just the main characteristics of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander 3

Mitsubishi Lancer not far away from his brother. This model began its work in 1973. The lineup is Lancer Wagon sedans and station wagons. The first change that the models of this line have undergone is associated with an increase in size, due to which the interior has become even more spacious. In the design of this car began to use a variety of materials that absorb sound and vibration. The engine here is much better than its predecessors: it is designed for 98 horsepower and is characterized by excellent traction and excellent acceleration. The ISOFIX system is equipped in the car interior, which makes it possible to quickly fasten a child seat. However, the Mitsubishi Lancer is designed for measured driving on city roads and guarantees high safety.

Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander 4

Therefore, lovers of a comfortable and safe ride are advised to pay attention to the lineup of Japanese cars of the Mitsubishi concern. You will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of these cars.!


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