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Mitsubishi Lancer X

Mitsubishi Lancer X 1
Mitsubishi Lancer X

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30 thousand rubles for a malfunction – is it a lot or a little? But that’s how much a spare part called “Automatic transmission selector assembly” costs..

Reason for selector failure?
It all depends on the specific case, but in general the global cause of such a malfunction may be the “old age” of the car, or the operation (location) of a car in a humid environment, for example, during floods or when trying to check the properties of your car to force a water barrier. Such cases are not uncommon.

Now I will try to talk about this malfunction. There is a hint, an attentive reader will figure out how to try to fix the problem, or minimize the consequences in the financial or reputation field. Go.

This malfunction: “The transmission has stopped turning on” occurs unexpectedly and introduces some car owners into a stupor. However, advanced drivers know that if they have a red button in the area of ​​the gear selector, you can click on it and shift the gear. And where there is no button, there is also the opportunity to unlock the transmission, in the photo below you see this moment: you need to insert “something subtle and metallic,” press and unlock the transmission.

To get to a specific malfunction, you must, if there is, study the scheme:

Or show more clearly. We look at the photo below, follow the red arrow – it points to a solenoid that does not work.

Question: “Why doesn’t it work?”.
Answer: “Because the relay does not work” – in the photo below, the red arrow.

Question: “Why the relay does not work?”.
Answer: “Because the minus” does not come to the relay, to the control winding “.

Question: “Why doesn’t the minus come?”.
Answer: “Because the contact burned (oxidized) in the selector switch”.

The photo below shows the location of this switch: what the red arrow points to must be removed, and there you can see (and even touch) this switch.

Separately, nothing is sold, but “assembled” the price of the issue is up to 30,000 rubles.
But as you understand, with a certain skill you can do with minimal financial losses.

You can study this issue more clearly by video:


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