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Mitsubishi lancer

Mitsubishi lancer 1

Mitsubishi lancer

Without keyword

On this car in an unknown car service, they sorted out the motor, changed the sensors, and something else. And of course – they accidentally “messed up” with the wiring, and along the evil fate of fate in the circuit of the ignition coils was an “UNBURNABLE FUSE”. But they immediately noticed their mistake, or rather, they sensed it: the wire began to melt and smoke. Not scary – they wrapped the melted place with electrical tape. More precisely, it was not one place that was melted, but several bald spots. They shook them.

The engine after repair at high speeds began to work poorly. Here is the exact description of the problem, according to the client:
– It idles normally. Up to 2500 rpm is also normal. And a little higher – and the motor begins to “sausage”. It reaches 2600 rpm – and everything calms down. And so on up to 4,500 rpm. A little more than 4500 – and again “sausage”.

The client looked at me expectantly, as if I should immediately dump him a ready-made recipe for troubleshooting, but I was silent and thought, compared, and then the client ended the speech like this:
– You know, such a problem is a little annoying … not a car – but a stubborn ass!

Well, the next “interesting”? At first glance, and do not understand the reason. I started with the ignition system: coils, plugs, phases, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft – everywhere the norm, everything according to the manual, nothing strange that would give an impetus to thoughts. The only thing that guarded the oscillogram was the appearing spurious impulses of coil control!

Tired of checking. Eyes blurred. He worked on other examinations and returned again, again began to check.

Excess impulses precisely at the time of interruptions in the motor.
I called a friend electronics engineer, talked about the problem. He suggested:
– Maybe there’s some kind of shnyaga on my computer? No guessing, get out the oscillation.
Sent. He looked and called back:
– Strange … some really clear impulses. And what happened to the car?
– Sifted through the mechanics, wiring, burned a bit …
– Maybe somewhere the wires that go to the coil are pinched, or something is shunting … we need to look for spurious signal sources.

I tear down all the wiring from the “brains” to the ignition coil. The work is still the same … I cut all the wiring: when the previous masters repaired, they switched the “plus” to the power of the coils – this wire burned out and fused other wires around it. I look carefully.

I replace all the wires with other, new ones. I check everything with a megger – everything is normal. So the motor should work correctly? Looking for some gas – again the same thing.

I broke my whole head. Where does this spurious impulse come from? This is nonsense, it should not be, yet checked.

Well, there’s Dmitry Yuryevich’s gold phone (nickname mek, Told the problem. And immediately questions:
– What did you do with the machine?
– What changed on the car?
– What sensors have changed?
– Yes, they changed, the previous masters changed a lot there: both the camshaft and knee sensors, and the mass air flow sensor, and the rest, nothing to mention …
– Come to me, – said Dmitry Yuryevich.

We arrived with a client, I just had a day off. Dmitry Yuryevich without further words asks:
– Camshaft sensor changed?
– Changed.
Dmitry Yuryevich turns to the assistant:
– Look what’s there …
Seconds later, from under the hood you hear:
– Chinese!
Without unnecessary gestures, Dmitry Yuryevich comes to the box, takes out something in cellophane from there, unpacks and gives it to the assistant:
– Put this.
Put the sensor. Further Dmitry Yuryevich commands:
– Start up!
They started the engine. They started to gas. A miracle happened: at all speeds the engine worked stably and without jerking.

And at that moment I was terribly upset! To the depths of my soul! I, so razetakiy, spent so much time, effort and nerves, and Dmitry Yuryevich solved the problem within three minutes! Emotions above the roof. I was just in shock.

There were no spurious impulses, the signals of the DPKV and DPRV are normal.

Well, then let’s chase the “CHINESE”, maybe we can bring it to clean water? We start it, increase the speed, look … At the speed, wide impulses with DPRVs became indistinguishable from narrow ones, i.e. the sensor has a certain inertia at certain frequencies.

Yes, but I did not attach any importance to this during measurements on my oscilloscope.

Okay, for those who suffer from abnormal engine operation of their car, after replacing the Camshaft Position Sensor, I post a photo of what the original (correct, damn it!) Sensor should be:

Well what can I say. Experience and skill rule.


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