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Mitsubishi legnum

Mitsubishi legnum 1

Without keyword

Mitsubishi legnum
(I assure you, it definitely blew the impeller!)

This car came with a problem: “There is no airflow from the deflectors.” Simply put, the words of the client:

– Not blowing! I’m sure that the impeller was ripped off!
– And why do you think so?
– So I hear that the motor is spinning, buzzing, but there is no air! Not blowing.

I respect and listen to the opinion of the client, but I always have my own:

– Let’s see, but most likely the problem here is not in the impeller.

I did not argue, although the client was absolutely sure of his assumption and even tried to prove something. Why argue? There is no sense, it is better to start work, all that is supposed to be disassembled and find the reason. And the probable reason in my head has already drawn … I’m proceeding to disassemble the climate system.

Photo 108 shows the appearance of the unit, and it seems to be noticeable (one can assume) that the evaporator is dirty. There is no air conditioning system filter on this car, instead there is an air ionization system, which few people know or did not pay attention to.

This system can be easily identified by a sticker such as in photo 110: “Caution! High voltage!”. In English and Japanese.

Mitsubishi legnum 2

“Air ionization system” – how many rumors and conjectures! People now use the Internet with might and main, and there for some reason, something unimaginable is in the first positions of search engines:

The air that enters the car, due to certain features of the metal structure of cars, is poor in negative ions. Meanwhile, the number of harmful positive molecules is growing as a result of friction between particles of impurities and synthetic materials.

I’m not sure about the “features of the metallic structures of cars,” but I’m sure that such advertisers hold everyone else for fools, for some reason they believe that the more “misunderstandings” in the text, the more references to mythical features, the better they will be sold product. Okay, let’s leave it, let’s look for something else … yeah, this description is more believable:
“The ionizer … creates a high voltage between the electrodes. In this case, water vapor from the air … so it’s clear … The air is cleansed … it becomes more fresh and useful to humans. ”
And although this description is for wall-mounted air conditioners, but it is more believable. It is clear that when using an ionizer, the air in the car becomes cleaner. Further disassembly confirmed this:

Mitsubishi legnum 3

In the photo 112 and 121 the evaporator. You can see for yourself from the photo: “It really works.” Traps dust. In this case, the Moscow fuel fluff and other dirt that had been in the cabin air was collected on the evaporator.
So the cause of the malfunction: “It’s not blowing!”, Turned out to be exactly this – in a clogged evaporator. To check and show the client the accuracy of the diagnosis, I did it simply: with the disconnected ionization unit, I turned on the heater, the system fan, brought my hand to the deflectors in the passenger compartment:

– Well look – now it’s blowing fine!

An impeller or something like that would fly off – it would be great. Less work. And then I had to strain very, very hard:
Carefully disconnect all tubes
Merge freon
Mechanically and very carefully clean and blow out all the dirt from the evaporator so as not to bend the thin plates of the diffusers in any way (I named it because I don’t know the exact name)
The result of the work can be seen in photos 126 and 127:

I think that everything is done correctly – we check! Putting it all back, admiring the invisible plates of the diffusers – it was not easy to wash everything and not to hush anything !, put the last latch on the panel, turn it on and feel the breath in the cabin: “It works”. Air flows from the deflectors according to the fan speed..
Everything is done right. Thanks for attention!

Mikhail Evgenievich


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