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Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 1

Without keyword

I’ll tell you about a malfunction, which can already be called a “typical malfunction”, and which will occur more and more often.

Before getting into our car service, this car went on a fascinating journey through four or five car services, where the owner of the car received an unforgettable experience of communicating with car repair specialists. When in one car service they claimed that “it is necessary to repair the gearbox – this is definitely and there can be no other opinion!”, Then the client did not believe, was upset, left and was looking for another car service. I went there, and there she was again given the same diagnosis: “The gearbox must be repaired!” At first glance, the owner of the car can be attributed to the “boring and wrong customers” who are not liked in car services, but let’s see what happened after she got into our car service and I began to inspect this car.

Error on the output shaft sensor 23. And error P0720 in the engine control unit, which duplicates the first error.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3

Possible causes of the malfunction:
– Gearbox output speed sensor
– Bad contact in the connector or defect in the wiring harness
– Powertrain control unit

The memory of the Mitsubishi Lancer 10 repair was still fresh in my memory, when the input shaft speed sensor turned out to be the cause of the malfunction: the owner of the car replaced this sensor on his own, but out of inexperience installed another sensor in the catalog – the camshaft speed sensor from Lancer 9 of the model, resulting in a constant error occurred and the gearbox fell into emergency mode all the time.

Therefore, I checked the installed speed sensor, although, according to the logic of events, this could not have been done: the car had not been repaired anywhere before, it was not broken, which means that it did not change any components, assemblies, etc..

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4

But I checked “just in case”, especially since the repair manuals advise so. And the speed sensor, and the connector, and the electrical connections to and from it at the site of the visual inspection were in perfect order.

Next, the scanner is connected and other common signals are checked. Engine turns – is. There is a signal of the speed of the output shaft. Rear speed sensor – is. Why not? No speed signal from gearbox input shaft.

The check was carried out very carefully: if the previous four or five car services “sentenced” the gearbox to a replacement or to an expensive mechanical repair – they couldn’t make such a friendly mistake?

Therefore, I checked again:
– engine speeds are shown here all right
– input shaft speed signal is present
– rear speed sensor: works right
– gearbox input shaft speed signal is absent.

Preliminary conclusion: focus on checking the gearbox input shaft speed sensor.

I check the put electrical signals on the connector:

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 5

After checking, it turns out that the “missing plus”. However, bearing in mind that the previous four or five car services “sentenced” to a replacement or mechanical repair the gearbox completely, and not a penny speed sensor – I carry out additional checks as thoroughly as I can.

No, that’s right: “Plus is missing.” So, now we need to look for the place of the cliff. As already mentioned in previous articles, where you had to look for an open circuit, for example Mitsubishi Lancer 9. SWS system and others, used a reliable tool for this:

Kit Ff310 Designed to detect and localize open and short circuits in electrical circuits of a car. The kit Ff310 miniature transmitter and receiver are included. The transmitter is connected to a faulty electrical circuit and generates a high-frequency signal. A receiver with a flexible probe-antenna is used to localize places of breaks or short circuit. This is achieved by moving the probe along the test harness. The receiver identifies the type of malfunction (open or short circuit) that is indicated by light and sound indicators.
The versatility of the design allows the device to be used on any cars and motorcycles with an on-board voltage of 6 to 24 Volts.>

The tourniquet itself was a big inconvenience, which was laid thoroughly, far from the eyes and hands, so I had to “bounce” to determine the integrity of the electric circuit using the Fault Finder.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 6

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 7

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 8

The Fault Finder, as I said, is reliable. It has been serving me faithfully for many years, therefore, as soon as the probable area of ​​damage in the tourniquet has been determined, I remove the tourniquet from the mount and begin to unravel:

And outwardly, nothing criminal is detected in the electrical wires:

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 9

And I, at the beginning, also did not notice anything remarkable. And then it turned out this … showing in approximation:

White spots on the braid of the red wire – the contact points of the wire with other wires in the bundle and with the inside of the braid of the bundle. This happened due to aging and the loss of the original properties of the electrical tape that held the wires together inside the main harness. When the wires stopped fastening together, they began to move freely inside the main harness and rub against each other and on the inside of the harness.

“Non-contact”, that is, the “loss of plus” for the speed sensor was in this place. After the conductivity was restored, the speed sensor started working, the gearbox stopped falling into emergency mode and the client received a working car.

Based on the results of this repair, I can say that all parties involved in it received their bonuses:
1. My practical experience has been enriched by another typical malfunction..
2. The client was returned the belief that “normal car services still exist”, and now she does not need to look for 80-100 thousand rubles to replace or repair the gearbox.


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