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Mitsubishi Outlander 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander 2015 1

Mitsubishi Outlander 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander 2015 2

Few people remember that the first generation Mitsubishi Outlander hit the European car market back in 2003. Moreover, at that time this crossover itself could boast of a very strong design at that time. That is, in general, it was presented simple and comfortable, as well as with a very interesting suspension design in conjunction with a four-wheel drive system.

With all this, as of today, it is worth noting that now it is a completely new updated version of the third generation Mitsubishi Outlander, able to surprise even the most extravagant car owner.

So, if we consider the distinctive features from previous models, then first of all I want to highlight interesting facts regarding the bow. That is, in the modern Mitsubishi Outlander, a completely different head optics appeared, the massive grille has become larger, and now there is chrome in it. Do not just forget about the unique X-shaped bumper. That is, now, not only does the bumper on the sides resemble the letter X, it also acquired new cutouts in the center.

Everything else should also be noted that due to the presence of this kind of bumper, the profile of the car has a completely different look.

The doors of the Mitsubishi Outlander have also undergone changes, since now there are chrome trim on the bottom, and the roof pillar has acquired an optimal tilt.

In addition to everything else, if you pay attention to the car as a whole, it is worth noting that the feed has also acquired significant changes. That is, the first changes that are striking are the red LEDs themselves, decorated with a chrome trim. If you pay attention to the rear view, it is worth noting that in this case the bumper acquired a more aggressive shape.

As for changes of an internal nature, I would immediately like to note that there are not many of them as such, rather than outside. That is, the appearance of a black glossy insert on the steering wheel can be attributed to the number of internal changes, the visor on the instrument panel is now covered in leather, and the shelf has a small compartment for glasses. In principle, this is all the available changes regarding the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Now the time has come for the most interesting, namely the changes concerning the internal components. And first of all, I want to highlight the fact that now the body structure has become much more powerful, while the sound insulation has improved its characteristics. Among the very interesting changes can be attributed to the improvement of the suspension, which has changed the characteristics of the springs and shock absorber.

That is, now the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 167 horsepower and 222 Nm at 4100 revolutions per minute sets in motion all the available modifications. In terms of work, everything is driven by a variator, which now has a torque converter, improved control software and an increased gear ratio.

In general, a car with this kind of variator moves much better than before. In this case, acceleration to one hundred kilometers per hour will be approximately 10.2 seconds. And fuel consumption per hundred kilometers will not exceed 7.7 liters.

The only thing I want to note is that the suspension will act as a small negative factor. This is due primarily to the fact that its settings have shifted towards stiffness and thereby worsen the ride.

That is, in general, if we draw conclusions, then today such a car as the Mitsubishi Outlander is the best of its crossovers, which at the same time deserves praise.


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