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Mitsubishi pajero pinin

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 1

Without keyword

Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin – type of class “SUV”, manufacturer of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors. The first show of the car took place on June 15, 1998 (three-door model), and a month later the company showed a five-door model.

In different countries of the world, the car has different names: Montero iO, Pajero iO, Pinin. In Brazil, this SUV is known as the Pajero TR4.

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 2

Everything is clear with the description, I’ll start talking about the malfunction on this machine. “The devil is in the little things, and the malfunction is where you do not expect it”.

At this PININA “suddenly and suddenly” stopped working, as it should all-wheel drive. When switching from the “four-wheel drive – two-wheel drive – and vice versa” position, the front axle shaft was not disconnected from the gearbox. The owner of this car drove for some time and hoped that everything would work out by itself, but the malfunction remained, and the constantly blinking light in front of my eyes also did not add optimism. He had no choice but to gain courage, money and come to surrender to a car service. That’s how this car turned out to be with us.

So where does troubleshooting usually start? I will not open America if I indicate a few points:
1. A conversation with a client (what if he remembers something, utters something that leads to a good thought).

2. It is necessary to understand what system we are working with and to know the principle of its operation. For this, manuals, diagrams and manuals on the topic are needed. For example, Mitsubishi has many all-wheel drive options:
– This is the so-called “real” – the “Jeep” four-wheel drive, which was used on all the original front-wheel drive models. – option with viscous coupling. – Electromechanical clutch with plug-in rear axle. – there is an interaxle differential, which is automatically blocked by an electronically controlled hydromechanical coupling (ACD), and the “rigidity” of the interlock is selected by the driver. – a system with a connected front axle; there is no center differential. – simplified system; there is an interaxle differential, which is blocked by a viscous coupling of a closed type. There is no downshift, but there is a uniform distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels. it was this system that was present on this repaired car.
1. FullTime
2. VCU
3. Multi Select
4. ACD + AYC
5. PartTime
6. FullTime-V
7. Super Select

You can read more about the all-wheel drive systems of Mitsubishi cars in the book of the Legion-Avtodata company and in the article “Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 1999-05 with gasoline engines 4G93 (1.8 GDI), 4G94 (2.0 GDI), 4G93 (1.8 MPI) Repair. Operation. Maintenance”“Mitsubishi all-wheel drive”
Two words about the link: from personal experience, I recommend reading the source of the article, since on the Internet – as soon as an article appears in the Legion, copies immediately appear that sometimes do not correspond to the original.

3. Checking the status of this system using a scanner (if possible). I emphasize that this is not a “printout of errors” with the subsequent withdrawal of money from the client for a “piece of paper with fault codes” and sending the machine to another car service, but decryption of the fault codes, preliminary control of parameters and testing of actuators. And yet, we must take into account the fact that the scanner cannot directly indicate a faulty element in this system, but only narrow its search.

4. Detailed analysis of a system component using electronic, vacuum and other measuring instruments.

Now point by point …
As often happens, during a conversation the client did not remember anything extraordinary, although later it turned out that the cause of the malfunction was off-road driving in the “I have a super-SUV!” Mode.

Again, this car uses the Super Select all-wheel drive system. A clue to this is the handle of the handout and the inscription on the handle:

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 3

According to sources, Mitsubishi was the first in Japan to use a switchable all-wheel drive scheme with an interaxle differential on its cars. The advantages here are: you can constantly drive all-wheel drive, you can sometimes turn off all-wheel drive. Naturally, this leads to some fuel savings and reduced tire wear, which in our time is a very important factor in keeping a car in the family..

The Super Select all-wheel drive system has vacuum control for disabling the front-wheel drive. It is structurally designed in such a way that even with faulty control components, front-wheel drive will not be disconnected from the front gearbox, regardless of the transfer case mode. If there is such a malfunction, then in 2WD mode, the all-wheel drive indicator will constantly signal blinking, which happened on this Pinin. It must be said that the same front-wheel drive on / off systems are used on many Mitsubishi all-wheel drive vehicles. So, this malfunction can occur on such models as: Pajero2,3,4, Montero2,3, PajeroSport, MonteroSport, L200 and so on.

Consider the reasons for the blinking of the four-wheel drive lamp when the car moves only on the rear wheel drive:
– faulty limit switch (front axle clutch position sensor).
– malfunction in the electrical circuit of the above sensor.
– malfunction in the electronic control unit all-wheel drive.
– jammed front axle coupling.
– jammed vacuum clutch actuator.
– malfunction in the solenoid valve actuator control.
– malfunction in an electric chain of the control valve.
– insufficient vacuum for actuator operation.
– leaky vacuum lines.
– actuator chamber leaking.

Continue troubleshooting this vehicle. Using a scanner, we look for the presence of trouble codes and testing of end sensors. As expected, MUT3 generated an error on the front axle sensor. I want to warn you right away, the error may not be due to a malfunction, but as a consequence of it, so to speak INDUCED! In order not to sentence the customer for the purchase of unnecessary parts, you need to look at how sensors, valves, etc. are being worked out. We start the engine, select the function on the DATA LIST scanner and look at the parameters. When switching 2WD / 4WD modes, the sensor on the transfer case is operating normally, but the sensor on the front axle indicates that the wheel drives are not disconnected. As I wrote above, the scanner only indicated the direction, and further searches for the faulty component should be carried out using other devices.

Of course, a scanner, especially a dealership, is a good thing, but trying to repair such things at random without electrical circuits is like roulette. The scheme can be seen there, in the book, the link to which is indicated above in the article.

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 4

When the transfer case selector is in the “4H” position, a vacuum is applied to the two-way actuator in the “B” chamber through the electromagnetic valve connection system of the front axle, and it in turn moves the clutch, thereby connecting the front axle shaft with the drive. When moving to the “2H” position, the electromagnetic valves switch the vacuum by supplying it to chamber “A”, then the actuator moves the coupling to the unlocked position and disables the wheel drive. Solenoid valves are controlled by a signal from the 2WD / 4WD mode select sensor on the transfer case. The control of the position of the coupling is monitored by a 4WD mode enable sensor, which is mounted on the front axle.

It is time to check the operation of the solenoid valves with a vacuum gauge.

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 5

Valves passed the test for EXCELLENT. They work out everything as it should, they don’t lose their tightness, there are no complaints about them! Also, everything is OK, with vacuum tubes and the vacuum itself. Those. part of the causes of this defect have stepped aside. We get to the vacuum actuator, and immediately catches the eye ….

Mitsubishi pajero pinin 6

The photo above is already a consequence, and the reason, I think, is sitting in the head of the person who, at the wheel of a SUV, considers himself a conqueror of off-road gully.

Okay, these are emotions, you need to understand and decide what to do. I’m doing the necessary checks on the desktop, I tried to explain in the video very clearly:

And the client said that “if you can fix it, then you are lucky, you don’t have to run around, look for the same actuator. If you are unlucky, then you are unlucky ”…

You know, the topic “restore this with improvised means” is not on my stream. The easiest way is to send the customer for a new spare part. But then it stuck: “Why can’t I?”.

Happened. When I write these lines, the car has been running for more than one week and the client has not called. No, I’m lying, the client called, but not to upset the failure, but to thank. And why not: I saved him money and time.

Kudryavtsev Mikhail Evgenievich

(nickname on the forum Legion-Avtodata – AVTEL)

Moscow, Suzdalskaya St., 9, car service “VTS”


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