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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: a glamorous SUV

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: a glamorous SUV 1

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: a glamorous SUV

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: a glamorous SUV 2

At the beginning of August 2015, an international automobile exhibition was held in Bangkok (Thailand).

Among the exhibits was the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV, which underwent cardinal design and technical changes. These revolutionary updates allowed the Mitsubishi leadership to make a resounding announcement about the appearance of the third generation of the famous frame SUVs.

The engineering and design team of the company worked hard and the power unit of the new model received:

• 2.4 liter turbodiesel engine.

• Innovative all-wheel drive Super Select 4WD (2nd generation).

• An eight-speed gearbox, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the emission of combustion products and make a new car 17% more economical than its predecessors.

In addition, 3rd generation SUVs will be much safer thanks to a more sophisticated and accurate control system for the surrounding space, which provides all-round visibility and allows you to monitor areas of “blind” spots. The probability of an accident will also be reduced by a system that excludes the possibility of head-on collisions, and on steep descents the vehicle stability control system will automatically turn on.

Creating and maintaining comfortable conditions in the car (temperature, humidity, the presence of harmful impurities) is assigned to the climate control system. She will be able to monitor the state of the surrounding space and the proper operation of some technical systems of the machine (evaporator, air conditioning). Heated rear seats and steering wheel.

Designers decided to abandon the usual standards, dictating the invariable severity and even some aggressiveness to the appearance of hard-working off-road vehicles. Elegant shapes and the complete absence of sharp corners, of course, will add attractiveness and will contribute to the commercial success of the car.

Serial production of the upgraded Pajero Sport will begin in the summer of 2015 at one of Thailand’s auto enterprises. And she will replenish the assortment of Thai car dealerships in the fall of 2015.

In the future, the management of “Mitsubishi” plans to introduce a new generation of Pajero Sport motorists from 90 countries.


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