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Mitsubishi Space Star Car

Mitsubishi Space Star Car 1

Compact Mitsubishi Space Star – moderation in everything

Mitsubishi Space Star Car 2

This car was produced in Holland, at the Ned Car factory, where the Carisma model was born, with which the Space Star shares an identical platform. But Mitsubishi Carisma (both sedans and hatchbacks), enjoyed a high demand in the domestic market, and the more moderate popularity fell on the share of the compact van.

The secondary market offers Mitsubishi Space Star in a large assortment, among which you can see cars purchased from authorized dealers, as well as copies delivered from Europe, mainly Germany. Dealer versions are preferable because they underwent pre-sale adaptation (broaching) for operation on the roads of our country, in particular, much attention was paid to the suspension.

In the compact, no power units were used, from 86 to 98 forces, and the most powerful in the line, direct-injection fuel injection engine, GDI, 122 forces. This unit is less common, due to its demanding quality of fuel. Therefore, there were many complaints about his work in the future. Instances with diesel engines in the domestic market are considered rare..

The GDI engine was equipped with an automatic transmission (4), with the rest of the motors a manual transmission (5) worked. The interior of the car is quite spacious, can fit five people, although four will be much more comfortable. The driver’s seat is high, with horizontal adjustment, the rear sofa is also fed to the stern, but this is possible only if the luggage compartment of the car is not loaded.

Vehicle equipment is rather modest. For example, in the basic configuration, airbag (1-2 pillows), ABS, tinting are offered. The machine configurations from the “secondary” are much richer, here is the air conditioning system, heated mirrors, power accessories, not to mention alloy wheels.

The dynamics of the car is satisfactory, but the manufacturer does not recommend overloading it. Power plants have established themselves as reliable, the most vulnerable place is the ignition system (spark plugs). Japanese engines are generally distinguished by their love for quality fuel. During maintenance, flushing the cooling system and cleaning the air conditioner will be required. Gearboxes work fine, but in the mechanics the wings are loosened, which creates the need to purchase new bushings. Suspension will require periodic replacement of struts and front axle stabilizers, damping elements are durable, and, as a rule, survive the declared service life.


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