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Mitsubishi: switch repair

Mitsubishi: switch repair 1

Mitsubishi: switch repair

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The appearance of the engine switch 6 G 73

This switch is also “amenable” to repair, however there is some peculiarity when disassembling it.

Only “open” the part of the protective cover (where the inscriptions are),
which can be seen in the following figure:

“Usually” the crystal itself fails (“falls off”), which is easy to detect when you carefully touch it with a wooden toothpick: the crystal “moves a little”. What can I advise when replacing it:
In principle, you can replace the “native” crystal with any one, but we would recommend using a crystal from Nissan (RB-20 engine): in all “remade” switches, this crystal works flawlessly.
You have to be prepared for the fact that you have to “build up” the output of the “emitter” and the “base”, because the location of the crystal on the Mitsubishi is different from the location of the crystals on other machines and its conclusions are “oriented” in a completely different direction.
The rest is the same. Its verification is carried out according to the same principle as the switch
“Nissan”. It is only necessary to take into account that the “minus” or “ground” are connected directly to the switch connector – the inscription “GND”.


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