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MMC Fuso

MMC Fuso 1

Without keyword

According to the driver: MMC FUSO car, FK62FKZ1V, 2006, INOMAT robot box. Acquired in Vladivostok in 2007-8 with malfunctions:
· The box does not change gears down and up automatically, down – only with the gearshift lever
· Check and ABS lamps burned.
· SRS error on the on-board computer
· In the movement there was an error “malfunction T / M” (yellow background)
· The mountain brake did not work.

MMC Fuso 2

MMC Fuso 3

Upon arrival in Moscow, the lamps in the dashboard were turned off, the mountain was brought to the toggle switch, the ABS sensors were connected (they were gnawed over the rear axle), but the ABS error remained. So the machine went until 2015. Till…

MMC Fuso 4

In mid-2015, the error “malfunction T / M” showed itself in a new way: it began to appear on a red background, while the box stopped working.

Did not switch, the clutch is constantly squeezed. At first, it disappeared by itself, or when tapping the actuator (on the left side of the frame behind the cabin).

Over time, it became completely impossible to ride, since T / M (red) appeared constantly, after about 15-20 km.

They started to repair, threw plugs from tidy. We considered errors as a scanner, but it was not possible to immediately count INOMAT, I had to resort to self-diagnosis.

When translating the instructions, it turned out: “faults in the ABS block automatic gear shifting down”, and it was decided to start with ABS.

MMC Fuso 5

ABS repair, this is a separate issue, but I will try briefly.

On the machine, the brakes with modulators are fully pneumatically controlled, by the KNORR-BREMSE 10r-024040 block, these are installed on our Valdai and some other machines. Pinout of sensors, modulators and errors are suitable, only IMPORTANT: error (1712-sensor memory error) is translated incorrectly.

If you see it when you connect the scanner, then there are errors, but the diagnostic contact is closed. This contact is normally open, it cannot be left closed (errors are constantly erased each time the ignition is turned on). Only one error remains: 1712 (“errors in the last cycle”, if translated from Japanese).

To read errors by the light codes, you must turn on the ignition and close the contact, the light codes will be displayed. On FUSO, the diagnostic contact is located above the gas pedal under the panel with the AIR ABS (OPEN) tag (pictured). We had it closed, so the scanner did not see an error on ABS, except for 1712.

MMC Fuso 6

The error was considered: 4-2, Left drive axle speed sensor (4 2 No sensor signal during braking).

They removed the rear left drum, and everything is fine there. The wiring rang again, it turns out that the wires were soldered incorrectly, the left and right were mixed up, they did not notice immediately, because they overlapped in the mounting bracket to the bridge. Soldered, thought the error moved to the right side.

The rear, right drum, it was already too lazy to remove it.))) They removed the lower casing of the drum, and here it is, the sensor wheel is covered with dirt, a huge gap, they took a chance, without removing the drum, they pushed the sensor through the hole, removing the plug. The procedure for erasing errors ABS was not used, started, handed back, 40 meters, the ABS lamp went out.

The cause of the ABS malfunction is clear: once, when replacing the pads in the service, they forgot to set the ABS sensor gaps, in other services they did not know what to do, the rat sensor wires were bitten, then mixed up in places, and all this resulted in a problem that stretched to 6 years.

Hurrah. The first problem is solved, the robot switches down, but the error “T / M malfunction” (yellow background) continues to pop up, after its appearance it does not automatically switch down again. Over time, a “T / M malfunction” (red background) appears, and the box does not work at all. We read INOMAT with both self-diagnostics and a scanner, in self-diagnostics an error is output to the on-board computer (last two digits) You need to pull out the INOMAT fuse to turn on the ignition and short-circuit the METER fuse for 1 second, then select the T / M system on the screen (you can do it on the go, t. K. Until 2007, only current errors are visible, since 2007, after selecting the system, the submenu “1-current, 2- in memory, 3-delete” will appear).

We considered errors. Error (P1734 CCU engine 1 is faulty), 34 or error (P1735 CCU engine 2 is faulty) 35, individually cause the system to fail, “T / M malfunction” (yellow background) appears on the panel, and an error (P1736 both CCU engines are faulty ) 36 on the panel the message “malfunction T / M” (red background) and the gearbox stops working.

The instructions say that the motors are not being repaired, are sold in pairs, most likely the brushes in the motors are worn out – they did not take risks, they ordered new ones. Replaced without removing the CCU from the car. After the replacement, we carried out the adaptation procedure, and now everything INOMAT is working properly, the work of the recoil system has improved. It remains only to deal with the mountain brake.

MMC Fuso 7

Thanks to Adamanov Pavel Dmitrievich Tel .: +7 (903) 505-63-72 for diagnostics, repair and information support.

Pechurin Maxim Sergeevich
© Legion Avtodata


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