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Motorists presented Mazda 3 in a new body

Motorists presented Mazda 3 in a new body 1

Mazda 3 in a new body – car features

Motorists presented Mazda 3 in a new body 2

Last summer, a presentation was held Mazda 3 in a new body. It has Skyactiv technology, an attractive design, a modern interior, but at the same time an increased cost..

Starting engine for Mazda 3 new will become a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 105 horsepower. 5-speed manual gearbox.

There is no projection display as standard, but it can be installed at an additional cost.

Test drive showed excellent speed characteristics. Specialists note the beautiful design, which emphasizes the outstanding forward radiator grill. Japanese craftsmen tried to turn into a Mazda 3 a smooth silhouette and grace of a leopard, the movements of which they studied.

According to company representatives, this car has many new products. For example, the wheelbase of the entire structure is increased, now the car has become even more spacious than its predecessors.

The dashboard has a projection panel, which broadcasts speed and the nearest maneuver. This is a real chic for a C-Class car.

Functionality is what designers have relied on. Everything is pleasurable and not distracting. What I didn’t like was the low drive of the player, it’s hidden behind the gear lever.

Very impressed with the interior. It is all made of their high quality materials. In addition, it is very spacious and comfortable..

The most powerful engine along with gearboxes, suspensions, safety systems, stability provide the car with effective control and movement.

The trunk in the Mazda 3 Series is very roomy, its opening has increased by 100 mm and has a volume of 350 liters. When folding the backs of the rear seats, a flat floor is formed, which further increases the space.

Final equipment and prices Mazda 3 not yet known for sure. But it is already known that it will be a powerful machine that meets all safety requirements..

In general, Mazda 3 has remained a sales leader since its first appearance. All this thanks to the bright design, wide functionality and gambling controllability. It combines everything – modern technology and a delicate taste.


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