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Mustang Fastback Retrobuilt 1969

Mustang Fastback Retrobuilt 1969 1

Mustang Fastback Retrobuilt 1969

Mustang Fastback Retrobuilt 1969 2

Changes in the appearance of the car

Oddly enough, but while you will see rare virtues in every element of the appearance of this car, and your mind will refuse to take it in a different perspective, the reality is completely different.

Hold your breath and look at it again. This look is an illusion of your imagination, ideally thought out by designers..

Mustang Fastback Retrobuilt 1969 – this legendary car, for so many years, carefully attracting attention to its image. Paint of stylish fiery yellow shades perfectly masks the mixture of fiberglass hidden under it and the modern steel panel of the body of the younger brother Ford Mustang GT 2013.

The retro-style coupe has: brand-new sporty seats with backrests for the lower back, climate control, 6 airbags, manufacturer’s warranty.

Also this chic car has a V-shaped powerful engine, 420 horsepower and a capacity of 85.0 liters.

All changes were created by a team of professionals Retrobuilt, which is located in Missouri and is known for its sensational projects in terms of updating the iconic cars of the legendary Carol Shelby. In this case, the main feature is the acquisition of positive advantages as a result of the displacement of modern technological developments by Ford Mustang in the back of a 1969 retro car.

This muscle car is provided with a platform belonging to the latest 5th generation Ford Mustang – S197.

It is very important that the team during the restoration uses spare parts from mutilated tornadoes of a car or options from the exhibition.

Car, rejuvenated by: removing the hood, wheels, bumpers, door handles. Instead, large-size fiberglass reproductions are installed..

Doors, roof and trunk are covered with fiberglass cladding. Side mirrors and grille with handmade aluminum.

Auto received new side mirrors and grille with handmade aluminum.

The engine is equipped with a 6-speed automatic gearbox or mechanics. Has an air intake Y-pipe. 100 km / h easily overcomes in 4.5 s, while without looking around the predecessor Mach 1 at any distance.

New MAGNAFLOW Exhaust System Reduces Emissions Toxicity.

The 18-inch American Racing rims are shod with Nitto NT 555 Extreme ZR tires and the braking system has one piston caliper.

In addition, the 45-year-old Mustang received satellite navigation, a multimedia system and instrument lighting.

And for all this pleasure in the USA you need to buy a donor car and $ 30,000 for work.


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