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New generation Volkswagen Touareg

New generation Volkswagen Touareg 1

New generation Volkswagen Touareg

New generation Volkswagen Touareg 2

Restyling – as you know, the concept is loose, and often automakers sin with the prefix “new”, releasing the continuation of the popular model. The new generation Volkswagen Touareg is a prime example. How is the new crossover different from the previous one? Yes, practically nothing! Nevertheless, several batch changes are reflected in the grille, bumpers and lighting technology, which allows marketers of the German auto giant to talk about novelty. In fact, we have rather facelift and similarities with the “Golf” of the seventh generation. Yes, new body colors and upholstery colors have been added, but it’s hard to call a technological breakthrough.

Of the more or less serious upgrades, an improved spring suspension can be distinguished, which should improve handling and make the ride smoother. Diesel V-shaped “sixes” are now equipped with an injection of a water solution into the exhaust gases, which meets Euro-6 standards, and the appetite, for example, of the most modest unit (204 hp) has been reduced to 6.5 liters per measured hundred. “Tuaregs” are also delivered to the domestic market with diesel units (245 and 340 hp), as well as with a gasoline engine (280 hp).

Volkswagen Touareg was previously famous for its abundance of electronics, but now all the smart assistants in the crossover cabin can not be counted. It has everything from an incredible navigation and entertainment complex to an emergency braking system that stops the car in the event of an accident. It is activated only when the airbags are deployed..

During the test for overcoming certain sections of rough terrain near each obstacle there was an instructor who gave tips on which handle to turn and what should not be done. The car obediently increased the clearance and, overcoming one by one sections of the slope, confidently passed the test under the control of electronics. Not averse to show their intelligence the new Touareg and on the pavement. All this is great, but after driving a crossover for a certain number of kilometers, the question arises – “but for what, in fact, I am here”?

We summarize. The new generation Volkswagen Touareg is a magnificent car with excellent dynamics, good cross-country ability, excellent ergonomics and, of course, a high level of comfort. The crossover is “focused” on trifles, to be sure, German quality. And I don’t feel like thinking that all the innovations come down to face-lifting. Touareg is on track to ensure the success of the model in the market.


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